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Help with studio 9.4.3 patch

Last post 05-29-2008, 22:00 by Marc P.. 4 replies.
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  •  05-26-2008, 20:44 184043

    Help with studio 9.4.3 patch

    I am a complete novice when it comes to all this stuff so I would appreciate a laymans explanation if poss!!! I'm currently running studio quickstart v 9.1.2 at the moment and I downloaded the 9.4.3 patch. I am having problems installing it on my computer. It gets to a certain point and then hangs. I tried deleting it and downloaded it again but the same thing happened again. It hangs as it's updating the hollywood fx files.

    Is there something I'm not doing that I should?

    Studio was purchased in the UK and I'm now in NZ and using a NZ computer. V9.1.2 is running with no problems. I'm using a compaq presario V5000 with XP Professional.

    Feel free to ask me more questions, if needed, thanks!

  •  05-27-2008, 3:37 184228 in reply to 184043

    Re: Help with studio 9.4.3 patch

    I have no experience of S9. However: Right-Click on empty space on your DeskTop (Monitor Screen) /  Left-Click on New / & Folder & name it "Patch".

    Download Patch & don't Run, but Save it to your  Folder / Open the Folder & look for setup.exe File & Open that, to Install the Patch.

    If that doesn't work, Install the Patch in Windows "Safe Mode": Turn on PC / Wait for PC Manufacturer's Logo "Splash Screen", immediately followed by PCI Listings. As soon as that appears, immediately & quickly, press & hold-down F8 Keyboard Key & wait for next screen, when you'll be asked what to do. Choose "Start Windows in Safe Mode", using your Keyboard's arrow Keys. Wait for Windows to start in Safe Mode. Your Desktop will appear to be slightly off-centre & the colours will be washed-out & your TaskBar will  look unfamiliar. All this is normal. Open Folder again, as above.

    Before doing the above, Defragment your Hard Drive, if you haven't recently done-so.

    Good luck & welcome to the ForumBig Smile



  •  05-29-2008, 3:18 185535 in reply to 184228

    Re: Help with studio 9.4.3 patch

    Thanks, will give it a go! Will let you know how I get on.

  •  05-29-2008, 21:42 185984 in reply to 185535

    Re: Help with studio 9.4.3 patch

    Just wanted to say thanks!! The patch worked when done in safe mode.

    Why is that?

  •  05-29-2008, 22:00 185996 in reply to 185984

    Re: Help with studio 9.4.3 patch

    CoolYes Thanks for letting us know. Good one Colour.
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