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Installing 11 Ultimate Problems

Last post 05-07-2008, 17:56 by Marc P.. 7 replies.
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  •  05-07-2008, 7:44 170826

    Installing 11 Ultimate Problems

    I need to document this out since the support representative is not allowed to stay on the phone as long as it takes to resolve an installation issue. Incidentally it's been over 10 minutes now since I was told the support email was sent to me and no, I still haven't received it. (Christpher) So I still don't have the regedit to proceed with the next step that I am supposed to take after manually deleting the "pixie" files as directed.

    If I were still on the phone with my support representative on the only "free" call I am entitled to - I would now verify whether to delete ALL "pixie" files that the search found - or only the ones in C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio10. There is one additional file listed that may not be a Pinnacle file -  it is C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch\ PLEASE ADVISE.


    I am a licensed Studio 8 - Studio 10Plus user.

    Purchased & downloaded the upgrade for 11 Ultimate last night from the Pinnacle website.

    Began installation, was prompted to remove previous installations.

    Uninstalled 10Plus (which was the only version listed in my program group) - but the uninstall apparently did not complete correctly as the program group is still listed in the Start menu, but it's not listed in the Control panel Add/Remove. When I did the uninstall I did it from the program group shortcut titled "Uninstall Studio 10", not from the Add/Remove Programs.

    After doing the uninstall - I then attempted to start the installation for 11Plus upgrade again - but that errored out saying it could not find a licensed version to upgrade from. It did not prompt to insert a CD - although yes, I have my original 8 and 10Plus installation CDs and serial codes for when I DO get that far.

    During my phone call this morning before the representative had to end the call because it was taking too long, he asked me to put the downloaded upgrade files on a DVD - which I did - thanks - at least now I have a backup install CD if I ever get this installed. We attempted to run the install from the newly created 11 upgrade DVD - and again - we got through all the extracted files and when it entered setup it once again prompted that a previous version was installed and it should be removed before proceeding.

    Did the file search for "pixie" files and am now deleting them (minus the one listed above that may or may not be part of Pinnacle). Unfortunately - the next step I was instructed to do is dependent on the missing support email that has still not arrived while I've been typing this out. So now - I am once again stuck and no longer have a support representative on teh phone line to assist. So Christopher - or someone who can contact Christopher - I still need the email that I am supposed to be able to reply to if I need additional help - because I DO.

    Thank you.

    Belinda Johnson

  •  05-07-2008, 7:55 170835 in reply to 170826

    Re: Installing 11 Ultimate Problems

    I can't delete all the "pixie" files that were found in the search. Screenshot below. As you can see from my desktop status bar - there are NO Pinnacle programs running - only my email, an IE window, the search results window, and Paintshop where I made the screenshot file.

    [click to view image]

  •  05-07-2008, 8:19 170847 in reply to 170826

    Re: Installing 11 Ultimate Problems

    I have now received the followup email from Christopher to the phone call - thank you.

    May I suggest - the referenced link/page ( for RegDelete contains pretty helpful information about upgrading - perhaps it would be a good idea to make that PROMINENTLY visible when a customer is purchasing an upgrade version.

    to be continued...I'm starting the install processa againg now...

  •  05-07-2008, 8:43 170860 in reply to 170847

    Re: Installing 11 Ultimate Problems

    Funny thing - NOW it didn't even prompt me for a previous version. And that's after I not only removed the previous version - but did the reg clean to completely remove all traces.

    This software drives me CRAZY. Hopefully this will be the version (once it's fully installed) that finally "clicks" with me and makes me not hate working with video so much.

    Hopefully my install timeline/process/log will help other users in the future who ay run into similar frustrations during an upgrade. That's why I documented it.

  •  05-07-2008, 12:13 170967 in reply to 170860

    Re: Installing 11 Ultimate Problems

    I ran the install for the 2nd download file (the "BONUS" disc I assume) - which contained Soundsoap, VitaScene & StageTools - and completed the prompted installs for SoundSoap and StageTools (apparently my graphics card won't support VitaScene) - but where do I find these in Studio now that they're installed? I don't see a Plugin menu to choose from.
  •  05-07-2008, 12:36 170979 in reply to 170967

    Re: Installing 11 Ultimate Problems

    SoundSoap: Toolbox > Add Audio Effect > SooundSoap

    Moving Picture : Toolbox > Add Video effect > StageTools (this applies to stills only)

    VitaScene : Toolbox > Add Video effect > ProDad > VitaScene


    Hope this helps

  •  05-07-2008, 14:19 171026 in reply to 170979

    Re: Installing 11 Ultimate Problems

    Thank You!
  •  05-07-2008, 17:56 171094 in reply to 171026

    Re: Installing 11 Ultimate Problems

    Nice, simple and direct, pcleusb. Good one.
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