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Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

Last post 05-12-2008, 20:33 by Marc P.. 15 replies.
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  •  04-28-2008, 20:34 165888

    Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    I resently purchased the Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170. I also have an HP desktop Vista. Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) came with three instalation CD's.
    Everytime I tried to download the first one which is the PinnacleStudio Quickstart version 10.5.2 it coninues to give me error messages, loads it "partially," but when I do anything in the program, it shuts itself down.I know I have to upgrade to 10.8 which I did, first I downoaded 10.7, and then to 10.8, but still it gives me the same errors, I downloaded every vista drive I could find on this website, but still it does not run.

    If anybody could help meout my showing me how to fix this, I would greatly appritiate it.

  •  04-29-2008, 16:50 166443 in reply to 165888

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    First thing to do at this point is remove all Studio Software on the computer run Regdelete. Then boot to safe mode and Install the Quickstart 10.5 disc, ignore all of the warnings that may come up and continue to install and after it installs. Reboot to normal mode and download and install the 10.8 update (skip 10.7 as it wont work on Vista). After these steps you should have a working copy installed.
  •  04-29-2008, 20:17 166510 in reply to 166443

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    How do I turn on Regdelete?


    And when Im in safemode, it doesn't let me finish downloading quickstart studio saysing that I dont have the right operating system.

  •  04-30-2008, 14:32 166905 in reply to 166510

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    You dowload Regdelete here.

    Download the REGDELETE program, click on the link below for the REGDELETE program, after downloading run the REGDELETE program and choose STUDIO 10 on the product, try it about two times, then restart.

    Then, Run the REGDELETE program again and instead of choosing all product choose the USER REGISTRATION and ACTIVATION DATA.

    Just boot to regular safe mode, it will similar to your desktop only the icons will look bigger. You will have an option to continue and ignore the error message. That will let you finish the Quickstart installation.

  •  04-30-2008, 20:36 167049 in reply to 166905

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    Okey, I downloaded RegDelete (it says REG with it crossed out) and ran it, chose Studio 10 and cleaned it twice like you said. Then I did the chose the user egistration and activation data and cleaned that. Then I restarted, pressed F8 to put safemode on, then loaded the disk again. The program did the same thing as before, I loaded it and at the end of the download an error popped up saying (word-for-word) "_SetFilter() error: OS Version not set!" so I did what you said and just pressed okey, then another one popped up saying "This installation doesn't support your operating system." Then after I pressed okey again like you said, but when I did it cancelled the download in an instant leaving me at the desktop with no warning.

    Is there anything I did wrong?

  •  04-30-2008, 21:22 167063 in reply to 167049

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    Lets confirm what you are trying to install. Can you post down the exact label on this disc that you just tried to install. Please include the revision number.
  •  04-30-2008, 21:38 167066 in reply to 167063

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    Im using the first disk on the platunium edition, the disk im using says:


    Studio QuickStart

    version 10



    rev. 10.5.2

    Windows XP


    [QuickTime Logo]


    If the 41006612 isn't the revision number, then were can I find that number?

    I hope that gives you enough info to help.

  •  04-30-2008, 21:59 167073 in reply to 167066

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    Strange. It should be running fine, especially in safe mode. Try copying the contents of this disc to a folder on your desktop and go to the Setup folder, and right click on Setup2.exe and choose run as administrator.
  •  05-05-2008, 21:48 169909 in reply to 167073

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    I did everything you said, copyed the contents of the disk on the desktop in a folder on both safe mode and regularmode, and even after, it still gives me the popup that says, "An invalid argument was occuered."

     What I dont get is, I had this program running smoothly before, on this computer, but then I uninstalled it and now I cant get it to work again.

    What am I doing wrong so I can fix this problem?

  •  05-06-2008, 19:06 170451 in reply to 169909

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    Can you check the bottom side of the disc and inspect for any scratches, smudges or fingerprints? Clean them off if found, also try to use another computer to attempt to install the disc. What were the changes made to your software after the uninstall?
  •  05-06-2008, 19:33 170462 in reply to 170451

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    Theres no scratches, and I already cleaned the disk, the only thing I did was un-install everything from my computer that had Pinnacle on it,because every time I loaded it it said something about the library not being found and then I tryed re-installing it again and thats were my problem is. And I have an XP, I downloaded it on there and there seems to be no problems, but I dont like using that computer because its very slow and made in 2001-03.
  •  05-06-2008, 21:27 170493 in reply to 170462

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    Try installing it just as a test.
  •  05-07-2008, 21:10 171149 in reply to 170493

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    I system restored my vista because it had lots of driver errors on it, so now I installed quickstart studio again, and now its working. Thank you for your help.
  •  05-08-2008, 17:30 171691 in reply to 171149

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    Thats great to hear! CoolYes
  •  05-09-2008, 16:52 172532 in reply to 171691

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    I too just bought DVC 170 and installed to my laptop which running on Vista. It was working out the box when I copy my VHS directly to DVD disk.

    But then after I try to use Studio 10 to capture and I got BLUE  SCREEN and my laptop would reboot.

    I did follow instruction above and still have blue screen when I try to capture in Studio 10, and it won't start recording using direct copy to DVD.

    I try uninstall all pinnacle software, run regdelete and reinstall everything, but still not working :(

    Someone please help.


    And I can't use DVC 170 with Movie Maker, so I am stuck right now can't transfer VHS tape to DVD this weekend and I have a deadline for my friend :(

  •  05-12-2008, 20:33 174748 in reply to 172532

    Re: Dazzle* Video Creator Platinium (DVC170) Vista problems

    Just want to remind you to check the Posting Guidelines for providing us more details. This should get you better responses for your question.

    Please provide the exact version of the following:

    1. Driver version for DVC 170 (found in device manager)
    2. Version of Studio (Is it 10.8?)
    3. Version of Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit?)

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