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Read this before Starting a new thread - Updated

Last post 02-18-2008, 17:56 by Marc P.. 0 replies.
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  •  02-18-2008, 17:56 122547

    Read this before Starting a new thread - Updated

    Basic guidelines to follow prior to posting a new thread

    • The search feature is there to help! Use the search feature. There are over a thousand threads in this forum, your question might already have been asked and answered.
    • Update your profile with your system specs. Click your name in the upper right hand corner of the page to edit your profile details, then click the About tab and fill out the System description field.
    • Post your Processor Type and speed, amount of RAM, Video card model and amount of Video memory that it has.
    • If you are unfamiliar with your computer specs see the steps below.
    • Posting in the right section. Post your threads on the most applicable sections of the forum. If you find your subject to not fall in any of the categories send any of the moderators (such as myself) a PM so we can help you find a suitable place for your post.
    • Provide all the necessary information.
    • Indicate the kind of capture device and source you are capturing from (e.g. Capturing from Sony TRV-22 with Dazzle DVC 170, VCR with 710-USB, etc)
    • Mention the software that you are using to capture, include any updates that you may have installed recently. (e.g. Studio 11 Ultimate with 11.1.1 patch)
    • Indicate your Operating system (e.g. XP 32 bit, Vista 64 bit, etc)

    How to find out what Capture Device or Tv Tuner you have:

    The easiest way to find out is by looking at the original box. Or the serial number at the bottom of the device.

    How to find my computer specs:

    The best way to do this is through Direct X Diagnostics.

    1. Click Start

    2. In XP click Run and type Dxdiag and then press enter.
    In Vista Type Dxdiag in space and press enter.

    3. If prompted with a screen, click YES

    4. Note down the Processor Type, Size of Memory.

    5. Then go to the Display tab, note down the name of the Display adapter.

    For more information see the Forum FAQs.


    Tutorial Pages

    Please visit the links below for tutorial pages.

    Pinnacle FAQ Tutorials

    Declic-Video Tutorials


    Send any feedback my way. See you around! Wink

    Marc P.

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