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25U crashes when I try to copy effects

Last post 05-06-2022, 2:26 by saby. 2 replies.
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  •  05-05-2022, 16:43 822071

    25U crashes when I try to copy effects

    Hi there,

    Another issue has popped up with 25U - after I created an fx combo (PinP along with some color correction), I drop the combo onto a clip from a movie (shot indoors with an old VHS camera so I've cropped the edges slightly and have added Image Correction to create the Combo FX) - once on the clip the pink line appears across the top (like it should) and I then right click and select Effects>Copy All so I can then paste them onto all the remaining clips (175 of them) which is how I'd done it all along with Studio 24U.  HOWEVER, right after I select 'Copy All' the pop up stays (it should disappear as soon as I select 'Copy All') the pop up stays up for about 5 seconds then Studio 25U shuts down/'s done it about 5 times in a row.  Any suggestions?


    Windows 10 Pro 64bit, i7 CPU, Z97-E ASUS MoBo, 32 gigs of RAM nVidia GTX960, Samsung SSDD Evo


    Thanx   Mike

  •  05-05-2022, 17:25 822076 in reply to 822071

    Re: 25U crashes when I try to copy effects

    ***UPDATE***  I found a work-around... I selected 'Copy>All Attributes'  INSTEAD of 'Effects>Copy All' and it doesn't crash.  Bit of a pain in the ass as I've used 'Effects>Copy All' for a few years now...
  •  05-06-2022, 2:26 822077 in reply to 822076

    Re: 25U crashes when I try to copy effects

    Issue already escalated to Corel.


    • apply any effect to a clip
    • right-click the clip
    • in the dropdown menu select Effect + Copy all
    • Studio 25 crashes

    • apply any effect to a clip
    • hover the mouse pointer over the magenta line
    • it becomes a Fx
    • right-click
    • Effect
    • Copy All
    • it doens't crash and Fx can paste it to any other(s) clip(s)


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