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NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus (PS25)

Last post 11-24-2021, 8:31 by Tony P. 10 replies.
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  •  11-21-2021, 8:08 818488

    NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus (PS25)

    Having decided to update to PS25, the NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus, (which came as freebie) do not seem to integrate into PS25 but seem at home in PS23, PS24. Any ideas?

  •  11-22-2021, 4:09 818508 in reply to 818488

    Re:NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus (PS25)


    Your post has been caught by the forum software because of the way you tried to insert a picture. I had to edit the HTML code of your message to remove the embedded picture code then had to approve it so it got published. Here is how to post an image : 

    Suggestion to solve your pb : Copy/paste C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 24\plugins\RTFXV2\NewBlueFX to C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 25\plugins\RTFXV2\NewBlueFX

  •  11-22-2021, 6:33 818511 in reply to 818508

    Re: Re:NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus (PS25)

    Attachment: ss1.jpg
    Unfortunately suggestion has not helped.
  •  11-22-2021, 6:43 818512 in reply to 818511

    Re: Re:NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus (PS25)

    You copied the NewBlueFX folder from PS24 to C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 25\plugins\RTFXV2, yes?

    It's working on my computer.

  •  11-22-2021, 6:48 818513 in reply to 818512

    Re: Re:NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus (PS25)

    Only the filters section
  •  11-22-2021, 6:49 818514 in reply to 818513

    Re: Re:NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus (PS25)

    I don't understand ????
  •  11-22-2021, 6:51 818515 in reply to 818513

    Re: Re:NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus (PS25)

    Stuart Moss:
    Only the filters section

    If NBFX is all present and working in PS24, you have to copy the entire folder to PS25, not a part of it. 

  •  11-22-2021, 6:57 818516 in reply to 818515

    Re: Re:NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus (PS25)

    Another suggestion : when you installed Refocus, were PS25 present in the list of versions of Studio where Refocus was about to be installed ?

    If not, you can add manually the path of C:\Program Files\Pinnacle\Studio 25\plugins\RTFXV2\NewBlueFX

  •  11-22-2021, 7:10 818517 in reply to 818516

    Re: Re:NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus (PS25)

    Initially when I installed refocus the version was 210712 this updated to 211005. I have uninstalled (via Windows), this removes the filters from PS23, 24 and 25. I have reinstalled the problem is still with PS25. I am currently trying a PS25 repair.
  •  11-24-2021, 8:25 818560 in reply to 818517

    Re: Re:NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus (PS25)

    Wasted a lot of time trying to fix this. A reinstall of W10 fixed it. 
  •  11-24-2021, 8:31 818561 in reply to 818560

    Re: Re:NewBlue Filters 5 Refocus (PS25)

    So the problem was Win10.

    I'm due for a fresh install on another NVME drive.... but honestly, that would require a ton of work to get the new drive to where the current drive that I am using, is...

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