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Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate re installation

Last post 08-17-2021, 12:49 by glus. 4 replies.
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  •  08-15-2021, 10:19 816095

    Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate re installation

    I have been struggling with support for almost a week now I even wrote the CEO of Corel. And no one can help me. I reinstalled my OS choosing the save nothing option. I do this frequently I keeps thing running better.

    Now when I try to re-install Studio 23 I accepts the product key but rejects my email/user name. It says it is wrong. So I login to My Account on the support page and copy and paste to Notepad to ensure it is plain text then copy/paste to the email box on the installation program and it still says it is wrong. 

    Tech support has ask me to run the reg clean file several times and even did a remote session and did them self.( I guess they don't believe me when I say I did it).  But I don't see how it could work when it basically has a brand new reg file.

    Then they have me try UPPER CASE and lower case and Proper Case versions of my email which as I expected fails. I copied it from my profile and pasted as text to the installation program. I have been using Pinnacle since some where 2002.

    I had studio 7 which proceeds the history on My Profile.  Which only goes back to 2004. 10 or 12 different versions in all .

    So I decided to test an older version 18.5 It installed perfectly. Then I tried to install 3 of Corel's competitor's they all installed fine. 

    I don't want to go to an older version and I don't want to go to a competitor's because:

    I have so many projects created over the last 20 years 

    I am very familiar with using Pinnacle 

    I am 100% certain A new key would fix this. I am retiring in two weeks after 30 years as a software developer.

    I have used the time of several tech support personal as well as the company CEO as well as the  Eugene Strelnikov who runs global customer support. 

    This could have been fixed in 30 seconds with a new key instead Corel has paid several people hours of pay. I just doesn't make business sense. 


  •  08-15-2021, 11:43 816097 in reply to 816095

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate re installation

    I wonder if the issue could be because of a typo in the registration email address when Studio 23 was installed for the first time (especially if adopting a lazy workflow and copying/pasting the email address from one field into the other)?

    • Two letters transposed?
    • Use of underscore characters ('_' ) instead of hyphens ('-') or vice versa?

    It might be worth asking the support person dealing with your problem to confirm that there are no typos in the registered email address for your copy of Studio (they might not have noticed if a "wrong" email address still looked very similar to the correct one)?


  •  08-15-2021, 12:05 816098 in reply to 816097

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate re installation

    Let me see if I can catch Corel's attention to your case...

    But not before tomorrow. 

  •  08-15-2021, 13:18 816100 in reply to 816098

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate re installation

    Thank You
  •  08-17-2021, 12:49 816215 in reply to 816100

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate re installation

    Hi Jeff, 

    We received your information from our support team, and CEO.  I am sorry for the negative experience you have had with them.

    We are testing our products on Windows 11 now, and will get back to you, if Pinnacle Studio is supported there yet. 

    Will advise at the earliest. 



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