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Help Needed - Pinnacle Callisto 2.2

Last post 03-29-2021, 14:36 by zogythecaveman. 5 replies.
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  •  03-29-2021, 7:44 813052

    Help Needed - Pinnacle Callisto 2.2


    I recently bought a Callisto 2.2 card from ebay. Unfortunately, it didn't came with an installation CD/DVD. I plugged it in the PCI port on my pc but windows doesn't recognize it. In Device Manager it appears as Other devices >> Multimedia Controller. I spent 2h on the internet finding a solution/driver for it. The only thing i could find that actually installed, was a file named "Bender" that's on 64bit and is indeed from Pinnacle. Unfortunatelly, it didin't do anything after i installed it.

    I bought this card to be able to transfer stuff from old VHS tapes on the PC. I tried to do that with some USB Capture cards, but they are all shitty because of the USB noise. I thought i could do better and cheaper with this card, considering a Pinnacle Dazzle is around 50Euros.

    Can anybody help me out? What should i do? Just burn the damn thing and go for a better USB solution? I cannot find any drivers for it. I talked to Pinnacle (now Corel) and they said it's not supported anymore. Understandable, but still, a solution should always be available, considering this card is pretty damn good for what i need. I even bought a BlueBox for it.

    I was wondering it the driver only exists with the Pinnacle Studio installation or not.

    Does anybody use this card? What solution did they find to make it install under win10 64bit?

    Thanks. I really hop i can find a straight answer here and eighter make it work or throw it away :)

    P.S.:Sorry for the bad english.

  •  03-29-2021, 7:50 813053 in reply to 813052

    Re:Help Needed - Pinnacle Callisto 2.2

    Hi and welcome to this forum.

    For sure you won't find any driver for Win10, either 32 or 64 bis. It's been ages that Pinnacle no longer supports this card. It's not even mentionned in their official drivers page :

    I'm sorry.


  •  03-29-2021, 10:28 813058 in reply to 813053

    Re: Re:Help Needed - Pinnacle Callisto 2.2

    Ok, i understand that they no longer support this card, but my hope is that somebody here has the drivers for it. I searched the internet and i cannot find any. Probably they should be able to run in compatibility mode in win 10


  •  03-29-2021, 11:11 813061 in reply to 813058

    Re: Re:Help Needed - Pinnacle Callisto 2.2

    Fingers crossed for you.

    I did a search on the forum and found this thread :

    Another thread (in Italian) reports that the suitable driver is the one for the Movieboard Plus.

  •  03-29-2021, 14:21 813076 in reply to 813061

    Re: Re:Help Needed - Pinnacle Callisto 2.2

    If you try the movieboard drivers, beware of using the 64 bit ones - they crash if you have 2Gb or more of memory - as in virtually useless....
  •  03-29-2021, 14:36 813079 in reply to 813061

    Re: Re:Help Needed - Pinnacle Callisto 2.2

    Nope, didn't work. As far as i could understand from the thread, it's suitable for Callisto rev7.0. Mine is 2.2. I did try to install the Bender software for 32bit and still nothing. I suppose, i need to get my hands on a Pinnacle Studio from that period of time. I'm stuck atm. I'll give you heads up if i find something that actually works. Thanks for the quick replies guys.
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