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MCE Smart Proxy Enhancement

Last post 03-06-2021, 20:19 by PUshield. 4 replies.
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  •  02-12-2020, 12:45 795075

    MCE Smart Proxy Enhancement

    Currently when you are working within MCE and you have Smart Proxy turned on, the Smart Proxy converts the files into lower res files only if you are in MCE.  Once you press OK, Smart Proxy stops converting the files.  This means if you're working within MCE, you have to put the files into the cameras, then wait until Smart Proxy is done. 

    I would like to see Smart Proxy work outside of MCE.  This way we can create our MCE file with the different camera angles, then press OK and let Smart Proxy work on converting those files while I'm working on the next MCE file, and so forth.  One project may have up to 14 or more MCE files so having to bring up each MCE, wait for it to finish converting, then bring up the next MCE and wait for it to convert is very time consuming.

    Also, move the MCE Smart Proxy Manager over to Studio's main screen so we can see all of the MCE Smart Proxy files that need to be converted all in one screen. 

  •  02-13-2020, 11:09 795091 in reply to 795075

    Re: MCE Smart Proxy Enhancement

    The problem with implementing with your suggestion is that the MCE is virtually a standalone program to Pinnacle Studio. It was written using tech from Corel Video Studio and implements the proxy files using a totally different codec to the Playback optimisation files in Studio. That's why It works the way it does.

    I'm sure that they could make the creation of the proxy files happen in the background of the MCE, but you would need a way to pause the file creation while working in the MCE or it would impact servely on playback performance.

    Returning to Studio itself and allowing the MCE to contine proxy creation would be even more complex.

    So while I'm not disagreeing with your request, I'm just pointing out that it would require a very large programming effort to implement it.

  •  06-28-2020, 13:45 801243 in reply to 795091

    Re: MCE Smart Proxy Enhancement

    Not really.  What Pinnacle Studio should do is move the Smart Proxy to a service that runs in the background via the Control Panel.  This way Smart Proxy is always running in the background regardless if PS or MCE is running.  They can take it one step further and enable/disable the service when PS runs and exits out too.
  •  06-28-2020, 17:56 801246 in reply to 801243

    Re: MCE Smart Proxy Enhancement

    ...and that's not a major programming effort? Corel's current programmers wrote neither system.

  •  03-06-2021, 20:19 812294 in reply to 801243

    Re: MCE Smart Proxy Enhancement


     I agree with the OP that SmartProxy should be available on the regular timeline. With the added features and the overhead of 4K video footage this feature is becoming essential. While I am happy to edit an HD project with Studio, I will use either Corel Videostudio or Video Pro X to edit 4K footage because of their ability to generate proxies. I will not upgrade Studio again until this feature is available.

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