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PS 18 Not Connecting to Plug-in Directory

Last post 11-25-2020, 15:32 by saby. 2 replies.
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  •  11-22-2020, 16:35 807999

    PS 18 Not Connecting to Plug-in Directory

    I am I am running PS 18 ( on a Dell XPS 8900. I transferred several projects from the computer I used over the summer to the machine I have in my office. I restarted my current project and went to look for the Transitions I marked as Favorites for this project. In transferring all the files, I discovered the 'Favorites' designations don't transfer with the project.  I created a list of 'Favorites' in my Project Documentation that keeps tracks of all of my choices for each project. So I began to look look in Content>Transitions>Search. Many were found using the name of the Transition. I couldn't understand why others were missing.  I found were all the Transitions are stored on my computer: C:Program files > Pinnacle > Studio 18 > Plugins. When I did a search for the Transitions that I couldn't find using the search on the main screen, I found every Transition that was missing. Two types of files were found: .png and .xml files.

    I restarted my computer. I tried restarting the program, in hopes that the Transitions would reconnect with PS 18. I tried to import a missing Transition into the current project. None of these work arounds were successful. So, I'm at a loss. How do I reconnect PS 18 with the Plugin file that has all of the Transitions included in the program?

    Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.



  •  11-25-2020, 12:36 808158 in reply to 807999

    Post 807999

    Please ignore this post. Have 'bitten the bullet' and upgraded to PS 24.




  •  11-25-2020, 15:32 808171 in reply to 808158

    Re: Post 807999


    Do you want me to delete the whole thread ?

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