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black screen - audio control box - but videos do not play once online

Last post 09-30-2020, 1:34 by Frolin. 0 replies.
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  •  09-30-2020, 1:34 806053

    black screen - audio control box - but videos do not play once online


    Have a mp4 video I like, put the original file on my web server and it plays fine as for my web site via a link. But is a tad long.
      When I edit it, using either Pinnacle Studio 23, it will play locally but not from the web.
      I get is a black browser window, first showing a loading circle, then a generic audio play box. See screen shots below.
      It opens, acts like an audio file only, just no video when playing from the web.
      Manually opening via 'http' link gets same issue, from different browsers, from my PC and my phone, so it's not in Xara.

    Have gotten a couple edits to work, but not tweaked enough for my final use. In general it seems any editing, to trim length and/or to crop the video, then save, upload, test, is bad.
    These videos play fine locally in a couple video viewers, just fails once I put them online, so is a web viewing glitch.

    Have created various other videos, to  mp4  file format and uploaded,  no issues.  So not sure on this effort.  It's just a 1 minute mp4 video from my Android phone, I want to trim to about 40 seconds and crop a little.







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