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DVC choices, which one?

Last post 08-13-2020, 14:51 by Blazerfrazer. 5 replies.
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  •  08-12-2020, 9:04 802624

    DVC choices, which one?

    Hi all and thanks for reading. Not done any editing for a while but now i have a VHS tape to digitise for my father. I have Studio 14 installed so i would like to keep with that. I went to purchase a capture device that would be compatable and found several very similar looking products all at differnt prices. Can someone please just tell me which one to buy for my studio 14 VHS import please.

    Dassle DVD Creator Plus

    Dazzle DVD recorder HD

    Dazzle Video creator

    Dazzle video creator Plus HD

    Dazzle video creator platinum

    Dazzle video creator platinum HD

    DVC - 107

    DVC - 100

    All i want is the hardware to go with my studio 14 to allow mt to import VHS


    Many Thanks


  •  08-12-2020, 9:34 802633 in reply to 802624

    Re: DVC choices, which one?

    Looking back through my old posts, i have struggled with this before, it was 9 years ago and now i have found another tape to do.

    I have now seen a unit with DVC 170 rev 1.2 for sale.

    i dont know, can they all be the same? im lost 

  •  08-12-2020, 9:47 802638 in reply to 802633

    Re: DVC choices, which one?

    Why don't you purchase the version currently available at Corel ?

  •  08-12-2020, 14:50 802680 in reply to 802638

    Re: DVC choices, which one?

    Hi, thanks. I checked the link and it’s a good price, I’m still not sure as this product you showed me is 10 years old and i don’t fully understand why there is so many variances in the name as the hardware looks the same shape. I’ve spent a fair amount of time trying to find out for myself and reading up, I don’t understand why this one is called HD when the source connections are old fashioned analogue. Perhaps the difference in all these is just the software bundled and the hardware is all the same? I tried to see the model names in  paused YouTube videos and could read some were DVC100 on the device but I have seen listed DVC107 and DVC170 on line. I don’t want to spend out on software bundled if the hardware is all the same(im using my own studio 14) rather buy the cheaper version if the hardware provided inside is the same. Perhaps one of these uses USB3 not USB2? if I haven’t found out that yet. Would USB be better to help with sped with regard to dropped frames? Is so I need the USB3 version. I do appreciate your help, thanks

  •  08-12-2020, 17:13 802691 in reply to 802680

    Re: DVC choices, which one?

    Perhaps this youtube video will help your decision. The commentator shows 3 different capture devices but indicates that he prefers he DVC 100.

    And here is another link you may like to read.


  •  08-13-2020, 14:51 802761 in reply to 802691

    Re: DVC choices, which one?

    Many thanks all. I have purchased the one sugested in the above link, sabys link. thanks
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