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LRV file replacement before rendering

Last post 06-30-2020, 15:28 by Bracuru. 3 replies.
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  •  06-20-2020, 2:04 800984

    LRV file replacement before rendering

    Working with many 4k files on a timeline slow down editing.
    There is a trick which is to upload low resolution video files LRV (epoxies) on the timeline first which are replaced (relinked) by the high resolution files once the editing is completed.
    "After a video is edited the LRV file can be replaced with the HD file before rendering the final video"
    Does anybody know how to do it please?

    Clear instruction or tutorial would be great help.

    Davinci Resolve does it like this:

  •  06-20-2020, 3:20 800986 in reply to 800984

    Re: LRV file replacement before rendering

    They are called "proxies". It's not a system PS uses for it's main editor, although that can be used in the Multicam editor.

    PS uses a different system - Playback Optimistation. That can generate half res files using a less complex codec, allowing smooth playback. This results in the "render bars you see over the timeline.

    (As Saby has posted, it can be achieved manually, but it's a long-winded manual process that is error prone,)


  •  06-20-2020, 6:03 801001 in reply to 800986

    Re: LRV file replacement before rendering

    Each high resolution file from your camera must be re-encoded to produce a low resolution file.

    Let say that the 1st HiRes file of your camera is called "12345_HR.mp4" and that the re-encoded LowRes file is called "12345_LR.mp4".

    You place 12345_LR.mp4 on your timeline. You can edit it smootly because it is low res. Then you close Studio. You replace in its original folder 12345_LR.mp4 by 12345_HR.mp4 and you rename it to 12345_LR.mp4.

    Open Studio, launch export and now Studio will use the HighRes version.

  •  06-30-2020, 15:28 801274 in reply to 801001

    Re: LRV file replacement before rendering

    Many thanks guys for your tips.
    I thought that PS any auto replacement for gopro lrv files.
    It would be the easiest to load LRV files on a timeline and once editing is done to press a "magic" button replacing them with the same name HRV files.
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