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Pinnacle Studio 15 - Windows Installer Begins With Studio When Studio is Launched and Locks Up

Last post 12-03-2019, 23:31 by R_Vera. 1 replies.
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  •  12-03-2019, 9:41 791854

    Pinnacle Studio 15 - Windows Installer Begins With Studio When Studio is Launched and Locks Up

    I have been using Pinnacle Studio very successfully for several years.  I created a project that had non-HD, HD, and GoPro video in it.  I usually keep my projects to an hour of video or less as I seem to encounter issues when a project becomes longer than 1 hour.  This particular project grew to an hour and 30 minutes in length and began to give me problems.  Pinnacle 15 would launch fine, but would sometimes successfully open the project and not open it successfully other times.  When it was unsuccessful in opening the project, I would just sit show the Opening Project status bar and would not make any progress for hours.  I used Task Manager to end Studio 15 and would try again.

    After a few times, Pinnacle Studio began to have problems opening and/or closing smaller projects. I still had Pinnacle Studio 14 installed, and it opened the smaller projects fine.  So, I decided to uninstall and re-install Studio 15 as I have read on this Forum that people sometimes do that to correct intermittent problems like I was experiencing.  Big mistake.  Now, when I launch Studio 15, Pinnacle Studio Installer starts-up.  It says "Please wait while Windows configures Pinnacle Studio 15".  It has never done this before.  It then says "Gathering required information" and a green status bar appears and fills.  It has never done this before, either.  Then, Studio 15 starts and I get the "Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your computer" with a yes/no button. This is normal for my PC.  I click "Yes" and Pinnacle Studio loads.  It get so 100%, then Windows Installer pops up again and I get a couple of messages.  Then, Windows Installer says "Preparing to Install" and goes into "spin" mode - the blue circle that spins when my cursor is over the Windows Installer window.  The Pinnacle Studio 15 window is still visible and shows "Loading...100%". 

     I went back and uninstalled Studio 14, Studio 15, and Studio 20.  I uninstalled all Corel/Pinnacle plug-ins, bonus packages, etc.  Then, I re-installed Pinnacle 15.  It does the same thing - Windows Installer launches with Studio 15 and progresses to the same point - "Preparing to Install" and goes into "spin" mode.  I am not sure what has changed, but this is frustrating.

    Why is Windows Installer popping up when I launch Studio 15 from my start list?   Please help.   


    Thank you,



  •  12-03-2019, 23:31 791896 in reply to 791854

    Re: Pinnacle Studio 15 - Windows Installer Begins With Studio When Studio is Launched and Locks Up

    If you are using PS14 and PS15 on Windows 10, it was never tested for this OS and you may have some problems when using it. Whenever I encounter a problem with any of my programs that starts acting weird (not working properly) I know that the best solution would be to reinstall my W10 OS and all programs I have installed. I know it is time consuming but its by only way out instead of trying to figure out the problem which may take me a few hours or days.

    If you have a spare HDD you can make a fresh install of your OS. Make sure to disconnect all HDD, USB's, etc before doing this step and once you finish installing your OS you can connect your spare HDD's one by one. after that you can just install your PS programs. When done you can just swap your HDD and have all your documents still intact or move them to another HDD as a backup. I have two SSD's (Windows 7 and Windows 10) and have another computer with Windows XP just in case. The newer versions of PS16 up to 23 are not compatible with Windows XP. This is just an optional choice for you to decide.

    Sometimes a W10 updates may cause more problems on older programs to work well. I have been there in the past.

    What I do recommend you to do is to make backups either weekly or monthly in case something goes wrong tomorrow, you can just go back to the latest backup you have. 

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