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Mov File Import issues

Last post 10-15-2019, 13:22 by saby. 7 replies.
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  •  07-28-2019, 16:52 786619

    Mov File Import issues



    I have a series of .mov files that are the correct resolution and supported formats, however I have noticed a few issues :

    Importing :

    Drag and drop into a project bin says they are not supported

    Same files using import tab and "scan for media" works fine


    I have also have a lot where it tells me "Quicktime required for import".  I am on Windows 10 and Quicktime hasn't been supported on this platform for a long time, so what do I do?

    I know I can change the extension to "mp4" or use a file converter, but for me that defeats the point.  The software claims it supports .mov files yet, I'm being told I need unsupported/out of date software to import it.

  •  10-04-2019, 0:47 789288 in reply to 786619

    Re: Mov File Import issues

    I'm with you on this one. I am told that I need Quicktime installed also. You can still get an older version and once installed it does import the files but that's not a good fix seeing as it was dropped for security reasons. I'm using PS 23 and it claims mov support but doesn't say you have to install Quicktime, why is this?

    As I use a lot of prores mattes and transitions I need it to support mov well. I'm finding my exports won't complete when I'm using mov files that required me to install quicktime for some reason, some incompatibility there somewhere. 


  •  10-04-2019, 3:48 789295 in reply to 789288

    Re: Mov File Import issues

    IIRC, you can install QT (the last Win version) but do not install the browser version for it.

    I've had QT installed (again, not added to the browser) since Apple stopped supporting it. 

  •  10-08-2019, 21:56 789441 in reply to 789295

    Re: Mov File Import issues

    Tony P:

    IIRC, you can install QT (the last Win version) but do not install the browser version for it.

    I've had QT installed (again, not added to the browser) since Apple stopped supporting it. 


    But is this what Pinnacle wants us to do in order for their support of MOV files? My understanding is that the support is for the native Windows mov/file formats rather than third party or they should be saying 'Supports MOV, with installation of quicktime'.

    Shouldn't mov files be accepted when imported without QT installed? 



  •  10-09-2019, 4:26 789445 in reply to 789441

    Re: Mov File Import issues

    I can not speak for Pinnacle, just reporting what I did to be able to play back many .mov motion backgrounds that I have.

    I've had zero problems with QT installed (again, not allowing the browser extension to be installed.. ). 

    Now, does PS support QT .mov files without having QT installed? Can't answer that since I've had QT installed for a few years now. Should they clarify needing QT for .mov files? If that's what you need to play them back, yes.


  •  10-14-2019, 20:38 789651 in reply to 789445

    Re: Mov File Import issues

    Exactly, if they say they support x amount of imports then this would presumably be within their coding or using native windows codecs rather than expecting the end user to install third party. I read they handle mov but it must be specific file types, I couldn't load a pro-res file without QT installed and they don't mention support for that format, bit behind the times to be honest.


  •  10-15-2019, 4:04 789654 in reply to 789651

    Re: Mov File Import issues

    The problem is with codecs such as, as an example, mp4. It's a container that can have anything in it. Some, Pinnacle likes, some it doesn't. For Pinnacle (or any other NLE) to be exactly precise in what specific "flavors" of say again, mp4 are acceptable, they would have to have access to all of them and test them all. A daunting task.

    As for pro res support, I've waved that flag for a long time even though I do not use pro-res files. Especially if PS is looking to appeal to the enthusiast/prosumer market.

    If you can import Apple pro-res by installing QT, then enjoy your editing. It was (if it works) a minor inconvenience that hopefully will be fixed in the near future.

  •  10-15-2019, 13:22 789666 in reply to 789654

    Re: Mov File Import issues

    Saying that a software is supporting mp4 and not mkv, for example, is like saying that someone can open a wooden box but not a cardboard box. But it doesn't imply that this person can read and understand any book in these boxes whatever the language they are written in.
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