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Intermittent crashes and hangs

Last post 05-16-2019, 16:56 by Tony P. 7 replies.
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  •  05-15-2019, 16:43 784932

    Intermittent crashes and hangs

    Hello all, new to the forums here!

    I've recently installed and am new to Pinnacle Studio 22 Plus, although I do have experience with other video editors.

    For whatever reason, at least once during an editing session, Pinnacle is either crashing completely to the Windows Desktop or hanging (the latter of course requiring process kills via Windows Task Manager or a reboot before the application will restart). There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it... Sometimes it occurs while editing the timeline, selecting menus or effects, or simply entering text. There's absolutely nothing in the event log in the Control Panel indicating any issues.

    My PC is a Dell XPS 8920 SE desktop with a 7th Generation Intel Core i7-7700K processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 video card, 16gb of RAM, SDD drives, and dual displays. It's running Windows 10 with all available patches released to date applied. As far as the video card goes, I've tried installing the latest versions of both the GeForce “Game Ready” and “Creative Ready” drivers via NVIDIA's “GeForce Experience” application, both with the same result.

    I've also had a look at system performance during video playback. According to Windows Resource Monitor, my CPU utilization is less than 15%, memory usage about 30%, and disk I/O only about 5MB/second. So, the load on the PC is very minimal.

    I have a rather large home music studio, and use the same PC to run the following DAW software packages without so much as a hiccup. I've tracked system performance for these applications and they are far more CPU, RAM and disk-intensive than Pinnacle, since I'm often working with songs containing 40 audio tracks or more, along with many plugins:

    - REAPER

    - Cakewalk Platinum

    - Harrison Mixbus

    Fortunately after each crash, at least Pinnacle has been able to successfully recover my work. Whew!

    Any idea what might be going on here, and/or suggestions to correct this problem? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

  •  05-15-2019, 16:53 784933 in reply to 784932

    Re: Intermittent crashes and hangs

    I run Reaper on a notebook and it performs just fine.

    What are your Export and Preview settings? Setup>Control Panel>Export and Preview. 

    What else is running in the background?

    Once the video it rendered on the timeline, it doesn't take much to play it back. 

    Graphic drivers up to date?

    I would also do incremental saves. Each time I do something that would be a pain to reproduce, I do a Save As and add an incremental number after the project name.

  •  05-15-2019, 17:59 784936 in reply to 784933

    Re: Intermittent crashes and hangs

    As I was saying, same here with REAPER, as well as two other DAWs.

    I assume the Export and Preview settings are at their defaults, since it's a new install and I haven't touched them. Here's a screenshot, so you can have a look:

    Nothing running in the background other than normal Windows processes as far as I can tell. There are no other active applications open either.

    It's funny, but now that you mention it playing a rendered video seems to be one case where the crashes and hangs haven't occurred so far.

    As far as graphics drivers go, as previously mentioned, yes, they are at the latest versions. I've also tried both GeForce flavors, same problem.

    Frequent saves are a good idea with any editing application... But as I'm sure you realize it's not a solution to the actual problem here, although I know it's a workaround. At least Pinnacle has been able to recover exactly where I left off when I restart it after the issue occurs.
  •  05-16-2019, 11:27 784971 in reply to 784936

    Re: Intermittent crashes and hangs

    First, how to add a SCREENSHOT to your post.

    I would change the Optimization to 50 and Acceleration to NONE or INTEL and see what happens.

    What also happens is the stress put on a computer when it's rendering. When I Export, I can hear the fans on the radiator (water cooled) starting to ramp up to keep things cool.

    I'll have CPU usage at 80-90%. DAW's don't put that much stress on your hardware as video editing. 

    The incremental saves are just insurance polices, not a cure for software crashing. 

  •  05-16-2019, 15:28 784982 in reply to 784971

    Re: Intermittent crashes and hangs

    I'm not able to add a screenshot in-line within posts using either the "Insert/edit image" icon in the compose tab, or the method you linked. I tried the latter and it accepts the uploaded file, but the image doesn't show up in the post. The "Preview" tab always shows up totally blank for me as well, with not even any text present. I'm also not receiving notifications for updates in threads I'm subscribed to either for some reason, even though that option is clearly enabled at the top of this one.

    Anyway, sorry about that.

    I'll give those Export settings a try. But, the thing is there's never any crashes or hangs occurring while exporting, they seem to be confined to when I'm using the editor itself. At any rate, I'll try tweaking them anyway... Who knows what's going on under the covers of this application, so it may help.

    I also opened a problem ticket with Support, because I ran into another serious issue that I'm not going to get into here, as it would be off-topic. If I get a response on this subject, I'll post it here.

    As for system resource usage of a DAW versus a video editor, that depends on the number of tracks, routing, grouping, plugins, etc. you have active, and of course the capabilities of your hardware. Not sure what you're types of projects you're creating in REAPER, but I'm often mixing and mastering 40+ tracks containing a lot of complex configurations, so YMMV.

  •  05-16-2019, 16:20 784991 in reply to 784982

    Re: Intermittent crashes and hangs

    How big is the file? There is a size limit and only one image per post.

    With Reaper recording live 20 tracks, fx, routing on a notebook. The only way to know what is going on is open TaskManager and see CPU and RAM usage while working. 

  •  05-16-2019, 16:37 784995 in reply to 784991

    Re: Intermittent crashes and hangs

    About 60kb, and there was no indication of an error when it uploaded at all.

    Task Manager good for a rough summary, but Resource Monitor is a much better tool when checking system performance. There's a link to it at the bottom of the Task Manager "Performance" tab in Windows 10, or you can find it under "Windows Administration Tools" in the start menu. It gives much more detailed information, such as displaying system component utilization by process, and everything can also be sorted in various ways.

    Well, I think we've drifted well off-topic here for the moment... If I hear back from Support on the actual Pinnacle Studio issue, I'll let ya know.

    Thanks for the suggestions!

  •  05-16-2019, 16:56 784998 in reply to 784995

    Re: Intermittent crashes and hangs

    I mention TaskManager because it's something that most will be able to have a handle on.

    There is a sample movie project, The Sky Is The Limit.... ?>Load Sample Movie

    See if you can export it. 

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