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Export Complete "Sound Audio Alarm"

Last post 04-15-2019, 17:38 by thirly. 0 replies.
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  •  04-15-2019, 17:38 783937

    Export Complete "Sound Audio Alarm"

    In Studio 22 > in Export > in "After Export Actions" > there is a check box (tick) to "Sound Audio Alarm".

    I would like to hear a sound when Exporting is complete, but not THAT sound! It's absolutely awful!

    I've searched about in my files and folders but I can't find this sound in order to swap it out for something I like better.

    Does anyone know what that sound is and where it is located?

    In my installation of Studio 12 the sound that plays is a standard Windows sound called Windows Background.wav.

    I doubt that this is the original S12 sound because I'm pretty sure that particular wav comes from Windows 10 (or certainly later than Studio 12).

    I have a feeling that I changed the S12 sound myself many years ago - but I can't be sure - and if I did, I can't remember how.

    But I'd love to be able to do it on S22. At the moment I prefer no sound at all.

    I realise this is quite trivial but I can't believe anybody actually likes that sound!

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