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PS 22 Ultimate, 360 panning to equirectangular - glitch on wrap around

Last post 03-18-2019, 0:06 by sltp-2019. 0 replies.
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  •  03-18-2019, 0:06 781856

    PS 22 Ultimate, 360 panning to equirectangular - glitch on wrap around

    Source GoPro Fusion 360 camera, 5.2k/30fps

    computer win10 pro 64bit, i5820k, 48gb, nvidia 1080ti


    Render fusion studio to cineform 5.2k

    quick import into PS 22 Ultimate 

     *AT ANY POINT DO NOT ADJUST speed/ adjust start/stop end points of time line as nothing works properly as previously reported* 

    drag to timeline

    convert/insert at 360 to equirectangular 


    So you grab that [+] symbol and rotate around and around..

     It will wrap properly to the other side. BRAVO!!!  I managed 3? spins with 41 or so keyframes.

     SAVE FILE! (CRASH) (don't get me started)


    Reload project (only this clip).


    But -- on export (HEVC (3840/2160)/60fps/100 Mbit/s)- there's a glitch in the export file when you wrap left side to ride side (that's the direction I was rotating).


    So I have 3 glitches since I crossed the edge to the other side 3 times. :(

    The glitches does NOT appear in a frame by frame analysis before export.


    Slowing down in VLC media player to .02x and using the space bar to play  frame by frame - shows the bad video frame is 180degrees opposite.

     Managed to also stop that frame in win10 default media player. 

    [edit] Rendered in 30fps with HEVC/100Mbit/s - no glitch.



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