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PS 22.1 utlimate - 360 video editing issues

Last post 02-10-2019, 23:44 by sltp-2019. 0 replies.
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  •  02-10-2019, 23:44 779790

    PS 22.1 utlimate - 360 video editing issues

     Controls not working?


    Win10, 360 video exported with Fusion Studio 1.4, Cineform, 3072x1536, 60fps 532,000kbps (I doubt this matters).


    *trim the clip, I spliced maybe minutes 2-4 for the video from the 30 minutes*

    Right click time line -> 360 video->360 video to standard->equirectangular to standard

    Click 360 source, move the "target" around to frame your view - it won't keyframe.

    Adjusting the values manually is the only way it works.  (You can coerce the dials, but that's hit or miss).


    If you DON'T trim the clip - the target adjuster to change the view port will keyframe and works as expected!

    *edit  - Export shows the end of the video was very off.. Figured something was wrong keyframing when audio was getting very far ahead


    There also appear to be issues if try to expand your video clip to lengthen it. The keyframes you set expand also? and therefore aren't related to the spots you want...



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