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LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

Last post 01-06-2016, 21:54 by mdx2. 22 replies.
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  •  03-20-2009, 5:45 295653

    LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    I just saw this drive advertised at NewEgg for $200.  Does anyone have any thoughts pro or con on the drive.  It burns single and dual layer Blue Ray as well as conventional DVD and CD disks.

    Just thought I'd ask if anyone had any first hand information on it.



  •  03-20-2009, 8:14 295686 in reply to 295653

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    I have not usd one yet but from what I have heard this is one of the best Blu-ray burners out there.  We have a Buffalo external unit which uses the LG drive on the inside but to be honest we have not burned a single Blu-ray disc yet.  We do mostly corporate and commercial work and we just cannot get anybody interested in Blu-ray.  Maybe somebody else can give a more hands on response.  If you look at the comments and rating on Newegg it looks like a lot of people have been happy.  I can tell you the one we have is very solid for CD and DVD.
  •  03-20-2009, 8:43 295693 in reply to 295686

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L


    read here and search the forum.

  •  03-20-2009, 12:05 295723 in reply to 295693

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    Hi Denny

     I have one of these drives and can tell you that I love it.  I don't have a bluray player or even a HiDef TV, so my experience is based on using the BR discs on the PC only.  The software that I've used to produce BR discs is DVDIt Pro 6 and TMPGEnc DVD Author 4 and the BR Discs play flawlessly on the PC.  I have 3 DVD Burners installed also and I only use the BR Burner for BR discs only.  My unit came with 2 BR-RE discs and they are the only ones I have used thus far.  I'll eventually get some blank   BD-R disks if I can my wife onboard about getting a BluRay player and a HD TV.  Wink


  •  03-20-2009, 15:49 295784 in reply to 295653

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    I have the external version of this and have created bluray (mpeg2 hd) discs. Whilst I do not have a set top bluray player as yet, I have tested the discs (verbatim 25GB overprinatble) on a Panasonic, Samsung, Sony and Logik Bluray Player in a local store. I used DVD Architect to author. The discs all played back fine (the logic was a profile 1 player; the others profile 2). It is quick, quiet and I am very pleased.
  •  03-20-2009, 15:52 295786 in reply to 295784

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    I've had one for two months or so, seems fine. Also does lightscribe.
  •  03-20-2009, 19:55 295828 in reply to 295786

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    To all who responded, I very much appreciate the feedback.  I ordered the unit this evening.  Seems like a very good price.


  •  03-20-2009, 20:48 295838 in reply to 295828

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    This LG drive got top marks in a recent review. The same review said to avoid the Lite-on unit.

    Here's the review, click here, oops like they were referring to the LG GGC-H20L unit.

  •  03-21-2009, 6:25 295900 in reply to 295838

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L


    Thanks for the informative review.  It underscores what others have alreasdy posted in this thread.


  •  03-23-2009, 13:16 296404 in reply to 295900

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    I have one for several months already.

    Very happy with it.

    So far I burned on Mediarange and Verbatim branded BD discs using Studio 12 Ultimate, works great.

    Source files are HDV 1440x1080i. Play back with Samsung BD-P1500 on 42" Full HD and JVC 42" full HD TV looks great.


  •  04-07-2009, 18:26 299823 in reply to 295900

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    Given the fact that this drive is capable of printing LightScribe labels, does anyone use the lightscribe to label their DVD's.  What brand disks do you use to burn the DVD onto, and what are your thoughts about the lightscribe process of labeling?




  •  04-07-2009, 23:55 299864 in reply to 299823

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    AFAIK the GGW doesn't support LightScribe.

    The GCW however does, but the GCW can't burn BD.
    It reads and burns red laser DVD and reads BD but doesn't burn them.

    Model comparison.

    I mostly use white and/or silver printable DVD's and BD's in combination with a Canon i865 printer.

    My editing system also has a Optiarc red laser DVD burner that does Labelflash.

    Labelflash on Fuji media, the result looks very professional


  •  04-08-2009, 4:15 299938 in reply to 299864

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    The GGW does Lightscribe, I have one...
  •  04-08-2009, 4:40 299943 in reply to 295653

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    I purchased the LG BD Burner a while back and had been agonizing over which system I wanted to put it in.  I had looked at several external cases, but none seemed to meet my needs.  Alas, a search through NewEgg one last time, I spotted the Bytecc ME-535LIMITED.  Holds a 5.5" or 3.5" SATA drive and interfaces to USB (1 or 2), Firewire (A or B) and eSATA (1 or 2). Comes with cables for all connections.  It has a pretty high price tag, but it is solid, good ventilation and with the hookups for anything in the forseeable future, I think it was well worth the money.  Oh, and they work like a champ.  If I didn't already own a LaCie 2T external drive with all the hookups, I'd be getting another for an external HDD.


  •  04-09-2009, 13:36 300324 in reply to 299938

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    The GGW does Lightscribe, I have one...


    It looks like the comparison table on the Belgian LG website is wrong.

    I wasn't aware but mine also does Lightscribe.

    Thanks TVJohn. Yes


  •  04-09-2009, 15:50 300359 in reply to 300324

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    Yes, they (LG) certainly do not make that clear enough...
  •  04-10-2009, 0:11 300421 in reply to 300359

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    ...mine doesn't even have the Lightscribe logo printed on it...
  •  04-10-2009, 4:05 300460 in reply to 300421

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    Not this one might imagine a number of possible reasons...although running a

    rather costly drive 20 extra minutes to burn a label might be questioned.

    One might also wonder how many other drives are out there quietly enabled as well...

  •  04-10-2009, 6:50 300489 in reply to 300460

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    Lightscribe is a hardware future. Labelflash is asoftware one.

    I changed my Pioneer 216D to 216L which has labelflash with a hacked firmware but mostly to use bitsetting for +R which wasn't supported.

    However from the time I bought the DVD labeling printer I never got back to Lightscribe or Labelflash. They are miles away between a cheap printer which does DVD's printing and those 2 features.

    It seems that companies run off of ideas before BD comes to DVD prices. 

    To get back to topic LG20L is now 165 euros when it was more than 400 last year.

    I will wait a little bit longer till it will break the 100 euros barrier.

    Or even lower. 

    You can buy a decent DVD writer here for 16 euros now!

  •  04-18-2009, 6:10 301876 in reply to 300489

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

  •  01-03-2016, 22:01 700707 in reply to 301876

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    What is an equivalent burner one could purchase today? I am thinking of getting one to produce my son's wedding video. I capture in HD but have just been burning DVDs. Is it worth it to go to Blu Ray from DVD?
  •  01-06-2016, 18:08 700981 in reply to 700707

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    I have a couple of these WH14NS40 and a newer version WS16NS20 installed in video editing systems, no problems so far.  I purchased them originally because they could burn the M-Disc DVDs.  Since I installed them, M-Disc is now available in DVD - BD-R - BD-R DL and BDXL 100s.  If you are going to do something as special as a wedding, I would strongly advise going with the M-Disc.  You need the LG drives to burn the DVDs, but any Blu-ray burner will probably burn the Blu-ray's.  The M-Disc DVDs sell for about $2 each and standard Blu-ray for $3 depending on quantity purchased.  I would also recommend going with Blu-ray if the wedding is recorded in HD format.

    If you are not familiar with M-Disc, google it.  Amazon had a sale on Verbatim earlier this week,  check them out too.

  •  01-06-2016, 21:54 701006 in reply to 700981

    Re: LG BlueRay Internal Burner GGW-H20L

    Bike, Thanks for the advise and education about  M-Disc I have  a WH14NS40 on order with M-Discs.
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