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Please steal iMovie's "Split" Gesture

Last post 06-11-2014, 6:29 by saby. 4 replies.
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  •  04-24-2014, 19:55 630984

    Please steal iMovie's "Split" Gesture

    I think PS is the best video editor on iOS, but there is one thing that iMovie for iOS does much better and it's performing a basic "split" edit.

    In PS, to split a clip, you must select it, press the razor tool, then press which track you want, even if there is only one track.

    In iMovie, you select a clip, then swipe down*. It's much faster, and much more intuitive - especially if you're doing something like YouTube vlogs that require lots of quick edits to remove pauses from speech.

    Little interface choices like this make a huge difference when you're performing lots of edits, and I would LOVE for PS to adopt something like this that makes simple cutting more fun by leveraging what the iPad is good at. I think you could have the swipe gesture default to "split all", and keep the razor tool popup to select between tracks if you only wanted it to cut one of them. 

    Hope this makes sense!

    *Incidentally, swiping up inserts a freeze frame, which is also a cool function, but less necessary than just splitting a clip. 

  •  04-25-2014, 2:56 630996 in reply to 630984

    Re:Please steal iMovie's "Split" Gesture

    Support of Pinnacle Studio for iPad is now handled by Luma Touch team. I suggest you ask your questions/suggestions in their forum.
  •  06-10-2014, 19:21 634555 in reply to 630996

    Re: Re:Please steal iMovie's "Split" Gesture

    your link to "their forum" does not work...



  •  06-11-2014, 2:12 634565 in reply to 634555

    AW: Re: Re:Please steal iMovie's "Split" Gesture


    your link to "their forum" does not work...

    For me it does

  •  06-11-2014, 6:29 634578 in reply to 634565

    Re:AW: Re: Re:Please steal iMovie's "Split" Gesture

    They have faced a technical issue yesterday during several hours.
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