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board or extra ram

Last post 03-18-2014, 20:36 by loosecannon. 10 replies.
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  •  03-17-2014, 14:00 627424

    board or extra ram

    Hi just about to pull the trigger on upgrade was wondering which is the best way to go better motherboard or 4gb extra ram?

    Win xp

    Studio 14U one of these setups can anyone please advise Thank you

    INTEL Core i7 4770K 3.5Ghz & ASUS H81M-PLUS & 4GB DDR3 1600 CRUCIAL

    Intel Core I7 4770K 3.9Ghz + Asus Z87-K Haswell Motherboard +  4GB DDR3 1600mhz Corsair Vengeance Memory

    can add extra 4gb to first setup for same price as 2nd setup



  •  03-17-2014, 14:46 627437 in reply to 627424

    Re: board or extra ram

    Studio 14 is a 32-bit program, so 4Gb of memory is more than you need. Get the faster CPU IMHO. You cana always add RAM later - but you will need a 64-bit OS to make any decent use of it.
  •  03-17-2014, 14:50 627438 in reply to 627437

    Re: board or extra ram

    Cheers jjn do you mean Windows 7 or 8 plus go to studio 16 or 17and the second setup?
  •  03-17-2014, 15:11 627445 in reply to 627438

    Re: board or extra ram

    I think he might have thought you intended to keep using XP -- otherwise why would you mention it

    A faster CPU is preferable if your budget allows --

    If you haven't used PS16, download the trial before committing to it (there's no PS17 trial)


  •  03-17-2014, 15:16 627448 in reply to 627424

    Re: board or extra ram

    I just got the i7-4770K 3.5GHz, with an Asus Z87 Pro mobo. I went with 16GB of DDR3 1866 CAS 9, G.Skill Ripjaws X series RAM. It was only $165. Don't skimp on RAM, you'll no doubt need it some day and you're better off to buy a matched set of RAM now (mine is 2x8GB), than to add extra piecemeal later on.

     On the RAM go for the lower CAS #, 7, 8, or 9, don't just look at the MHz. Corsair Vengeance is very good too. I don't think you'll notice a whole lot of difference between 3.9 and 3.5GHz, so it depends on the pricing which way to go, imho. If they're close, get the 3.9 of course. But if it's $100 or more get the 3.5 . . . . .imho again. :)


    added: You ARE going to get an SSD right? That will make the biggest difference right now on your S14. The prices are dropping like crazy on the Samsung 840 EVO too. The 500GB I bought a few weeks ago has dropped by almost $40 already.

    P.S. I searched for the 3.9GHz Haswell, couldn't find it. Are you sure about that, or is it actually a 3.5GHZ oc'd to 3.9?

  •  03-17-2014, 16:15 627465 in reply to 627448

    Re: board or extra ram

    Cheers everybody thanks for input a bit green on the tech stuff and your right loosecannon it is 3.5 overclocked can get more ram with cheaper MB

    Intel i7 4770k OK ?

  •  03-17-2014, 18:22 627481 in reply to 627465

    Re: board or extra ram

    I'm very happy with my i7-4770K. Between that and the SSD, where it used to take me 4-1/2 minutes to boot to Windows from a cold start, it now takes less than a minute. Of course, other programs will be different. And that's with no overclocking of the RAM, CPU, or video card.

    I usually shop at Newegg but for this build I did some extra shopping around. I have a MicroCenter store not too far from me but they also have a website. Where newegg wanted $339 for the CPU I got it at MicroCenter for $250. Newegg wanted $189 for the mobo, MCenter had a combo deal where the mobo was $150 when I got the CPU. So I saved $128 just on those two. And I have rebates coming on 4 or 5 items, I can't even keep track of them all, I'd have to check my emails, but they're all between $15 and $20 each.

    My point is if you shop around you can save enough on some of this stuff to upgrade other things. Like I said, the SSD is your best investment right now and the prices are dropping a lot.


    added: did a search on the H81M mobo. That's an MSI brand, not Asus, and the prices I saw on newegg . . . . . . . I wouldn't even consider them. Only 2 memory slots, only DDR3 1600 tops. Nope !!!   Nope!!   Nope!!    save your money, please!

  •  03-18-2014, 15:23 627550 in reply to 627481

    Re: board or extra ram

    Hi Thanks for info here's a couple of links of the bundles I'm in UK

    Current System

    Win XP  directx 9c

    AMD 3.4Ghz  Phenom II x 4 965 processor

    4GB RAM

    Geforce  9500GT    Upgraded to GTX 570

    PSU was 450 Watt now Corsair GS600 Watt

    Sorry forgot to say S 14 Ultimate


    The bottom line is I want to speed up my current system for rendering and burning and at moment just sd footage I have already bought a graphics card  in haste but have since found out that made no difference so was going with the processor and needed new mobo for the i7 socket plus needs new ram to fit this mobo that's why I have been looking at these bundles before I pull the trigger any info would be helpful so I don't buy what I don't need Cheers

  •  03-18-2014, 16:29 627557 in reply to 627550

    Re: board or extra ram

    Well, definitely the Z87 is worth the extra cost. I guess the Asus version of the H81 isn't available here in the US, so I missed that one. They say in their ad, which is pretty hard on the eyes, that the H81 chipset limits the RAM to DDR3 1600. And the H81 only has 2 dimm slots and 2 SATA 6GB/s slots. The Z87 has 4 dimm slots and 6 SATA 6GB/s slots. That alone is reason enough, imho, to go with the Z87. You have room to expand if you choose to.

    But, I'll say again, the biggest upgrade you can do right now is to get an SSD. That and the i7-4770K will give you a noticeable increase in rendering. The burning speeds won't improve because that's a function of the discs you use. 

    It also appears they are selling just the components and not actually putting the system together for you. Have you tried shopping for the individual parts yourself? 


  •  03-18-2014, 17:02 627560 in reply to 627557

    Re: board or extra ram

    If I new what exactly to go for I could do it .

    i7 4770K



    Then there is OS 7 or 8 plus new studio 16 or 17 Its never ending in this upgrade.

    I would be just happy with a faster render all the above and as you said SSD as well


  •  03-18-2014, 20:36 627570 in reply to 627560

    Re: board or extra ram

    My opinion, and others can pipe in here if they want to, is the CPU and mobo are fine. I'd suggest getting 8GB of RAM.

    I looked on Newegg and saw three that looked okay to me:

    Compare Three RAM sets

    Anyone of them should be fine. Don't know if you have access to newegg but if not, you can maybe shop these dimm's in your area. Personally, I wouldn't go to ebay for something like this, but that's my preference.

    I'm using Win 7 Pro so I'm prejudice about that decision. I'm in no hurry to change.

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