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Is 500x the fastest I can speed up a recorded Slo-Motion clip?

Last post 02-02-2014, 23:35 by bozobyte. 2 replies.
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  •  01-18-2014, 13:37 620640

    Is 500x the fastest I can speed up a recorded Slo-Motion clip?

    I have a CANON SX50 HS Digital Powershot camera with HD and FULL HD recording. It also has a feature to record in Slow motion,without sound. I just got the camera, and I am still finding out how to use it.

    I was frustrated when looking at my Christmas videos, a few of my movies (MOV) came back SLOW. I have seven (7) Video .MOV clips in Slow motion, and the other five 5, in regular HD.

    I also have the Pinnacle 15 Studio program, and tried to speed up each of the SLOW Video clips, In EDIT MODE, the original slow speed, my only option is to speed up to my maximum speed of 500 X, and still it's too slow. These seven Slo-Mo clips are separate and when I try to Import only these clips, one at a time, it will not allow me,it just replaces the previous clip, then i tried to checkmark ONLY these Seven clips, but when i clicked on the START IMPORT button, nothing happens, only the first one shows up,not all.


     I thought this camera shoots HD, which I thought was widescreen,  when I set the PROJECT FORMAT to widescreen, a window popped up telling me I can not use this setting, and it would come out blurry,etc.


    When I put it in the Create File image or DVD Make Movie,  I'm not sure what project format the output should be..I think DV, or Digital Video.  I thought the output would be 24fps, and not the 720p or 1080i.

    In other words, if someone takes the video ( MOV or other type of videos) off the camera to make a  MOV> FILE> Full HD (DV)

    Very Small, Medium, Full, HD720p, HD180i, or Custom.


    What would be the acceptable OUTPUT?  The goal for me here is to create a FILE, MPG2, or MP4, or Quicktime, and also Burn a DVD with menus,video clips, and photos as a slideshow with background music to give to my family members to play on their DVD players and TVs.


    What Video preferences should be used? I only previously captured analog from a VCR, now that I have a Digital camera that shoot HD, I need to change the settings, to what. I have no idea.



  •  01-18-2014, 17:58 620661 in reply to 620640

    Re: Is 500x the fastest I can speed up a recorded Slo-Motion clip?

    There is another way to speed up your video. This involves scene detecting each clip by time interval, dragging all scenes to the timeline, and then changing the duration of each scene to 1 frame. The time interval used in the scene detection needs to be calculated according to the speed increase required.

    There are 30 frames in a second so, for example, to speed up the video by x600 the time interval would need to be  600/ 30 = 20 seconds.

    So, knowing how much the video needs to be speeded up, calculate the time interval for scene detection of the clip.

    Place these on the timeline and select all the scenes. Right click on a scene and select 'duration' (or something like that) and change the duration to 1 frame. All the scenes should now change to 1 frame and the speed and total length of the video will have changed correspondingly.

  •  02-02-2014, 23:35 622409 in reply to 620661

    Re: Is 500x the fastest I can speed up a recorded Slo-Motion clip?

    Thanks...So what I did was to string all the (SLO-MO) videos together in my Studio15 program, and changed the speed to 500x, and that sped it up enough for me to put background music in the background, so thank you for all your help!
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