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MTS 3D from Sony HDR-TD10E

Last post 12-21-2013, 18:11 by greekboy. 5 replies.
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  •  12-14-2013, 19:41 616783

    MTS 3D from Sony HDR-TD10E

    I have installed the Pinnacle Studio 17 Ultimate with 17.0.2 patch.

    My system is Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit.

    When I importing 3D MTS video files (Sony HDR-TD10E) in the library, the files are not recognized as 3d stereoscopic format.


  •  12-15-2013, 15:59 616899 in reply to 616783

    Re:MTS 3D from Sony HDR-TD10E

    Attachment: Capture.JPG

    Bug reported. For now I separates the two channels D and G by the utility "MVC to Avi"

    and am working on two tracks. On the upper left channel and the right channel lower track track.

    the media editor - select "Stereoscopy" and assign each right or left channel clip.
    In the meantime this is a temporary solution.


  •  12-15-2013, 20:50 616929 in reply to 616899

    Re:MTS 3D from Sony HDR-TD10E

    I'll try your solution.
    I hope the bug will be fixed soon.
  •  12-16-2013, 0:32 616933 in reply to 616929

    Re:MTS 3D from Sony HDR-TD10E

    I'm in the same situation as you and I hope too.
    For mounting with 2 separate clips, this is explained in the manual.
    With the distance between targets sony (3 cm), there are few corrections to make, which makes things easier.
    Good editing and good day.
  •  12-20-2013, 8:10 617568 in reply to 616933

    Re: Re:MTS 3D from Sony HDR-TD10E

    Hello. This is a bug. It is not change  3d clips view only. There is no options to make a 3d film.

    DON'T INSTALL this patch.

    Solution is - uninstall Pinnacle 17 ultimate. Install again pinnacle from DVD disk and DON'T INSTALL patch 17.0.2


  •  12-21-2013, 18:11 617734 in reply to 617568

    Re: Re:MTS 3D from Sony HDR-TD10E

    Thank you very much.  Smile
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