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render problem with liquid 7

Last post 06-07-2013, 16:53 by lixdexik. 7 replies.
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  •  06-05-2013, 18:30 594786

    render problem with liquid 7

    Hi Again. I seem to be having trouble getting Liquid to render a project.

    I have converted my camera’s MTS files into mpeg 2 files using any video converter as recommended by others on this forum. The footage edits fine and I can build the project up without difficulty.

    I have constructed the project by making 4 different sequences each representing a different day of footage taken.

    I then make a fifth sequence to build all the sequences up to make the final project with a DVD menu.

    The problem comes when rendering the project to output as a DVD. The render process stops at random times and frames, mostly on the content of the first sequence. Taking note of the time and frame where the problem occurred, it became obvious that the problem seemed to be related to the start of scene transitions. So I went back to the original sequence and replaced the tumble & page turn transitions with standard cross fade transitions. Then out of curiosity I rendered each sequence in turn to see if they would complete without stalling, and they did, no problem, but when reassembled into the final project the render still stalls. Each time I restart the render process it stalls at a different time and place, but just before a transition.

    This is my first project using mpeg 2 files and sadly the first time I have had this render problem.

    Is there a work around or a simple thing I am missing. Would windows XP service pack three be any advantage or cause more problems. I’m Still on service pack 2.

    Liquid 7   v7.20 build 4296

    Thanks for taking the time to read this


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  •  06-05-2013, 20:29 594790 in reply to 594786

    Re: render problem with liquid 7

    This seems to be an issue with converted files. Can you export the entire timeline to the fuse/render codec and then use that new file on a new timeline to make your DVD. As much as I loved Liquid, if you are going to continue working with AVCHD files, it may be time to look at another NLE that handles these files directly.
  •  06-06-2013, 6:09 594809 in reply to 594790

    Re: render problem with liquid 7

    Thanks LewS.

    Was thinking I will have to move on, I have now rendered the project into a mpg2 file and burnt to a HD, DVD disc but the dvd menus don't work.

    all in all not a great start to life in HD.

    I would like to try your suggestion above but not sure what you mean. I'll have a look in the book and see if it covers your fuse/render idea.

    Many thanks.


  •  06-06-2013, 9:33 594820 in reply to 594809

    Re: render problem with liquid 7

    You can't burn HD discs in Liquid. They will be reduced on SD DVD's when you burn them. Liquid does not support Bluray or HD on a standard DVD disc.

    When you use HD material on a timeline you still get a standard DVD. The menu should work fine. Make sure you are not using in and out marks to make your DVD.

    There is an export option for fuse. It uses the codec set in the timeline properties under fuse/render codec. 

  •  06-06-2013, 19:11 594851 in reply to 594820

    Re: render problem with liquid 7

    I have now done as you suggested and used the fuse/render option and loaded the results onto the time line,

    put the dvd menu track back in place and it has rendered just fine, I now have a fully functioning dvd disc, thanks for the advice.


    I'm a little confused with the HD capabilities in Liquid, you are saying that Liquid can't handle HD, but The output to mpg2 gives the option for an HD 2080i, high definition MPEG 2 file.

    Using the mpeg 2 files that Any Video Converter creates from the original MTs files, I have been able to edit and render to HD 2080i Just the menu doesn't work.

    The output to mpg2 gives the option for hd 2080i, high definition MPEG 2 file.  the file this creates can be burnt onto a bluray or HDdvd using Nero burning rom. ( i just use Liquid to create the video file then burn this to my discs with Nero) It is certainly a huge file and it takes ages to render compared to normal DVD output and the picture is way better than a standard dvd.


  •  06-07-2013, 6:34 594881 in reply to 594851

    Re: render problem with liquid 7

    As Lew said, you can't burn to a BD DVD. Simple because the functionality is never developed in Liquid.

    If you have an USB drive, and your TV is HD (I suppose it is, otherwise making a BD DVD is meaningless) and the TV set has an USB connection, you could make the MPEG2 file on the USB drive. Connect the USB drive to your TV and there is (I hope for you) a Media Play function present. The Samsung TV sets can. If MPEG2 does not work, try MPEG4 HD quality.

  •  06-07-2013, 11:14 594890 in reply to 594881

    Re: render problem with liquid 7

    You can make a Bluray disc from an exported HD file but Liquid itself cannot burn Bluray discs. You need an external authoring program to do that. You also need a burner that can burn to Bluray discs.

    SD DVD's burned from HD material on an HD timeline from Liquid look really good, especially if you are using a DVD or Bluray player that can uprez them to 1080.

    If you have the burner but not authoring software (to create menus) have a look at Sony's DVD Architect Studio. It is a lite version of their professional software and quite good. Authoring Works 5 is another option but more expensive.

    Liquid is not a bad program for editing HD material and with a third party authoring program, you can create full HD discs.



  •  06-07-2013, 16:53 594918 in reply to 594890

    Re: render problem with liquid 7

    Thank you all very much for the comments.

    I now appreciate the DVD menu problem with HD output in Liquid.

    I will continue to use Liquid, as I think it is an amazing piece of kit. I will use it to edit as LewS suggests but with other Authoring software. 

    The Fuse/render option has worked for me and I am happy with the results for normal DVD'S

    In order to make bluray and HDdvd's I have been using a programe called Virtual CD 10. I would have to recommend it to any one.

    This allows me to create any disc in any format without actually having to buy a disc or drive to play them in.

    Everything exists on the computer, the software creates a virtual player that the computer sees as a real drive,

    Virtual CD can create any type of disc on the computer HDD, + - bluray, hddvd, cd, dvd, whatever. Then I use Nero to burn the content

    onto the virtual disc.

    The computer is connected to the tv with a standard HDMI cable and plays the content of the disc using the viewer of your choice, I use Power DVD 10 which 

    plays full 1080p hd with surround sound ect. The down side is you must have the computer to view your movies, but with having a computer

    dedicated and permanently connected to the TV. this is not a problem for me. So full HD bluray without ever buying a bluray disc.



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