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Reboot loop

Last post 03-15-2013, 13:51 by corebyte. 4 replies.
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  •  12-02-2012, 1:17 564684

    Reboot loop

    My Pctv to go keeps rebooting.

    I have already tried factory reset but to no avail.

    Good thing is that still it gets an IP address (It is listed in the dhcp devices of my router)

    Also it responds to Ping requests normally.

    Is there a way to flash it manually without using the setup wizzard?


    I have found the source of the problem.

    When i choose scart RGB input the unit immediately reboots itself and keeps rebooting every minute or smth.

    The lights also go crazy.

    I managed to  change the input to scart composite.

    Now the unit reboots itself randomly but the lights are fine.

    Time varies between 3 minutes and half hour or so.

     edit no2 :)

    I use 1.7 EU version

     There are 2 files in the firmware folder, fw_32.180151.rup.img and ramdisk.24.180151.upd.img

     If i choose the first one, the unit instanly reboots while i am informed that "update has completes successfully. 'Setup Wizard is reconnecting to PCTV To Go, please wait..."

    After ~mins i get a "Reconnected to PCTV To Go successfully"

    Now when i try the ramdisk one, the progress bar starts fillling up slowly informing me "Please wait while PCTV To Go is updating its firmware..."

    By the time it is filled the unit reboots and about ~1 min later  it informs me that "Firmware Update Failed! The firmware file may be corrupted or you may have lost connection to PCTV To Go."


    Do i have to update the ramdisk file? If the answer is yes, how do i do that?

    Should i try an older version?


    Thank You 

  •  12-14-2012, 10:41 566614 in reply to 564684

    Re: Reboot loop

    I wonder if you are having problems with a weak power supply or some such?  That may explain why sometimes it's less or more stable than others, I suppose.

    Of course, if that's the case, flashing the firmware could be a really, really bad thing if it falls over during the actual flashing!

    Hmmm...I messed around with my unit a few years back - it had managed to shoot itself in the head & wouldn't boot so I couldn't do anything to it.  I found a serial header on the board, and was eventually able to re-load my system with a stable firmware image using Redboot commands.

    (Even changed the root password to empty so I could telnet in to the unit and poke around...nothing very exciting, and when I did the next upgrade I let it default back to being "locked".)

    BUT, one thing the serial port did do for me was to prove that the unit was starting to boot, it just couldn't complete the job.  In your case, it could tell you whether the hardware simply restarted (bad power supply), locked up, or whatever.  I suppose.




  •  03-10-2013, 3:13 582912 in reply to 566614

    Re: Reboot loop

    First of all I' m sorry for responding so late.

    The power supply is fine. (unfortunately)

    The unit operates only if I use the stock firmware version (1.6)

    I can't even use version 1.7 (let alone the have one)

    The problem is that for some reason  the ramdisk version is stuck.

    It cannot be upgraded and I get an error message.

    I don't have a jtag. Is there a way to manualy upgrade the ramdisk through ethernet?


    Thank You 

  •  03-10-2013, 10:57 582975 in reply to 582912

    Re: Reboot loop

    I don't know of any way to re-flash except for the built-in UI or the serial method.  Sad


  •  03-15-2013, 13:51 584048 in reply to 582975

    Re: Reboot loop

    ok thanks, I guess I 'll claim RMA
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