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Bug and feature request

Last post 02-27-2013, 18:57 by LokiZ. 0 replies.
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  •  02-27-2013, 18:57 581428

    Bug and feature request

    Bug Fix Request 

    There seems to be a bug where stills placed on the video channel do not shift audio.  This make audio timing off when adding still images to a point in the project prior to pre-existing audio in the audio channels.


    Feature Request

    Add locks for the channels to hold video or audio in place while working on other channels.

    Add a title channel to allow overlays of text and or stills. (using alpha channels) for transparency effects or add second video channel that allows the same.

    Add multi-select for dragging clips and stills to timeline. 

    Add multi-select to story board for mass delete and or re-positioning audio, video and still clips.


    Ok I am done for now. :) 



    Edit:  I removed one request as I did not know about the triple tap to separate video and audio.

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