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Not quite iPad friendly enough

Last post 01-18-2013, 19:49 by MarkNZL. 0 replies.
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  •  01-18-2013, 19:49 572267

    Not quite iPad friendly enough

    Purely a personal view but ...

    Great features guys but please make it smoother. Forget about how it's done on a computer, this is for an iPad and it should be less fiddly. Why an iPad? Because you can actually do fairly polished short videos for travel, journal, family, interests, even quick work pieces, more or less on the day, on the go, without needing the big gear and the unsociable hours! More and more of us are using iPads this way. I personally wouldn't export to say DVD from the iPad. My iPad movies are all brief (about 2 mins), are shown on the iPad and sometimes uploaded to Vimeo.

    Your audio and precision editing features are really useful for fine tuning but the cramped selection controls, especially in preview, are not. Selecting clips and parts of clips and the assembly of a many clip story is much easier in iMovie! You need to make it easy to see which clips have already been used, and which parts of clips, even if it's just in preview. How about a button to insert instead of that fiddly click and hold and drag, and the preview should really just play only the bit selected! And can it please remember the library album you were in if you say change to music temporarily. Might be an iOS thing I suppose.

    Make the waveform bigger and the clip thumbnails too and don't let them obscure the waveform when trimming. Do we really need a timeline and storyboard? It would be useful to be able to copy and paste clips in the timeline and if you could make the time value show when preselecting please - how much you are getting is otherwise a bit of a guess.

    Make it easy to add a title at the start of the movie without upsetting the soundtrack (I'm sure everyone adds titles after building their movie). Also it would be handy to have the option of an automatic plain text title for the first frame to help distinguish movies in camera roll.

    Of course we ideally wouldn't have to wait for background rendering and library building but some kind of stabilisation and colour correction really would be worth waiting for.

    Then, if you want to add more stuff, how about slow and fast motion (surprisingly useful), more customisable and less garish montages, and you could offer more sound effects and maybe music with distinct trim points. In app purchase is fair enough.

    Finally some template movies could be useful but make them editable, not like iMovie's novelty trailers.

    If iMovie would only let me edit audio and titles properly I'd still use it all the time because it lets me do the most important job - story assembly - more easily. On the other hand if Pinnacle Studio was just a bit more friendly then its extra control capabilities would surely make it unbeatable.

    Thanks for listening.


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