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Magic Bullet Looks glitch

Last post 01-18-2013, 6:43 by Tony P. 1 replies.
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  •  01-17-2013, 21:11 572035

    Magic Bullet Looks glitch

    I have been using version 15 of Pinnacle Studio HD Ultimate Collection for about a year now, and have previously been successful with the use of the Magic Bullet Looks plug-in. However, just recently, there has been a glitch with this plug-in. When I try to change the "look" using the plug-in, the look does not apply to the video and a little rectangular box appears in the bottom left hand corner of the video. This is becoming very upsetting and is putting me behind on a project I have been trying to work on. I need to know why this plug-in is no longer working properly and I would appreciate it if someone could tell me exactly what I need to do to fix this problem. My computer is less than a year old and it is a computer made specifically for gaming and graphics and such. It is running on Windows 7.
  •  01-18-2013, 6:43 572088 in reply to 572035

    Re: Magic Bullet Looks glitch

    Since you have been using the plugin successfully for a year and all of a sudden it is not working, have you made any changes to your computer? No one can answer why it's no longer working since we do not have your computer personally or know what you have been doing with it. The suggestions that will come are just that, suggestions. Again, without having the computer in hand, you will get a various solutions that could possibly work.

    Here is mine. Read this Thread on deleting the hidden render folder. Also, how much disk space do you have? What are the exact specs (see mine below) of your computer? Are your video drivers up to date (Looks is very graphics card sensitive). Don't think Windows automatically updates the video drivers, you have to.

    In Setup>Project Preferences, Folder for Auxiliary Files, click on delete.

    You can also run the install .exe file for MBLooks. In Win7 64bit, it can be found here C:\Program Files (x86)\Pinnacle\Studio 15 Ultimate Plugins\MagicBullet

    These are some suggestions. I am sure there are others. If one of the above does work, please report back on which one. It might help some else in the future. 

    BTW, I just tested Looks on my computer to see if a possible MS update might have caused the issue you are having, but it works.

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