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A bit disappointed? Maybe ...

Last post 08-31-2012, 20:40 by RedRyder. 3 replies.
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  •  08-31-2012, 14:02 546853

    A bit disappointed? Maybe ...

    Firstly the app overall is excellent and improving all the time

     I am disappointed that now (for a short while) the app is being given away for free .. although I couldn't see any other way we could go from Avid --> Pinnacle

    so, having given us 1080p with this release (well worth it), my feature request is 'something nice for free' after the upgrade time has gone to reward existing users loyaly

    (still think its a great app though!) 

  •  08-31-2012, 15:16 546868 in reply to 546853

    Re: A bit disappointed? Maybe ...

    our only options were either make the existing customers pay again, or give the app for free to everyone. i guess, nobody would like to pay twice :)
  •  08-31-2012, 15:26 546870 in reply to 546868

    Re: A bit disappointed? Maybe ...

    Yeah, I agree 100% so Iguess what I was trying to say was ... hold any new features back until people start paying again.

     Guess I was going a bit 'off thread' too so for my 'feature request' I think it would be a 'speed' feature say 2x 1x 0.5x 0.25x

  •  08-31-2012, 20:40 546898 in reply to 546870

    Re: A bit disappointed? Maybe ...

    I appreciate AS honoring their commitment to existing users by arranging to make the new version available to existing users too. I couldn't care less how many future users get this app for free. I thought it was great and was happy to pay for it several months ago. NO REGRETS!! I hope Pinnacle makes the same commitment to the product that Avid has. I hope nothing gets dropped in the transition to Pinnacle. I also hope (assume) some folks at Avid got fat checks for their efforts. I know the VCs make $$, just hoping those that did the heavy lifting got some $$ too!
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