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Problem with speed plugin

Last post 12-24-2011, 21:21 by OrbitExpress. 0 replies.
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  •  12-24-2011, 21:21 506008

    Problem with speed plugin

    I have an issue with the speed plug in.  I've razor cut a middle section of video on the timeline, and only used the middle part of the video.  I double click it, where I can get to the plugins, and I'm trying to slow motion that only piece.  When I reduce the speed to 50%, that section (in the preview window) reverts to something completely different that is shown on the timeline. Again, the preview window is showing me something that is not even on the timeline.   It appears to be the beginning of that section of video, but it is not even included in the project or timeline.  When I change it back to 100%, the preview window updates to what is shown on the timeline.  I believe it is a bug of some sort.  I've deleted the auxillary files, and I don't want ot reload Pinnacle (15).  Any way to reset the plugin?

    A figured a work around, make a movie of the piece in slow motion, then edit back into the project. Real pain.


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