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Mercalli plug-in crashes Studio 14

Last post 10-18-2011, 19:43 by JoeLinn. 2 replies.
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  •  10-16-2011, 13:36 495577

    Mercalli plug-in crashes Studio 14

    I bought the Mercalli plug-in for Studio 14.  When I try to use it, it works for a few minutes then causes Studio to crash.  I get the message "Studio program file has stopped working" and Studio closes.  I went to the ProDad web site and downloaded the latest service update to Mercalli (1.0.16) but I have the same result.

     I bought the Mercalli plug-in directly from Pinnacle as one of the Studio add-ons.  The video I have been editing is 1080i.

    Any ideas?



  •  10-17-2011, 11:00 495682 in reply to 495577

    Re: Mercalli plug-in crashes Studio 14

    Precisely what processing chip and graphics card does your PC have?

    Digital stabilization plug-ins require lots of rendering, and to render HD video requires lots of PC power.

    It is usually best to stabilize a shaky clip as a stand-alone sub-project, export the stabilized file, and then import that file into your larger main project.

    Don't try to stabilize a long, long clip.  A stabilizer works only when you work with a short sequence with coherent and consistent frame content parameters.  Ideally, it would be a clip lasting underr 15 seconds and involve a fairly regular horizon or foreground symmetry.   Amorphous vegetation or low contrast scenes are hard to stabilize.

    What results do you get when using the stabilizer built into Studio 14?


  •  10-18-2011, 19:43 495898 in reply to 495682

    Re: Mercalli plug-in crashes Studio 14

    I have an i7 processor and a GeForce 430 graphics card. 

     I have a project that is made from many small clips.  I have been applying Mercalli to the individual clips.  It has usually blown up when I have been in the screen where you specify parameters to Mercalli.  I could understand it producing inferior results trying to stabilize a complex clip, but it shouldn't be crashing Studio completely.

    I do some of my work in Studio 14 and some in another product (Corel VideoStudio X4).  That program has its own copy of Mercalli.  I have been getting such impressive results with it that I purchased Mercalli for Studio as well so that I could use it in both programs.  The i7 processor is powerful enough that Mercalli running under VideoStudio stabilizes at 20-30 fps. The same clips that have I was procesing when Studio crashed have stabilized just fine with Corel.

     I haven't tried the stabilizer built into Studio.

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