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Convert DVD video to .AVI

Last post 10-18-2011, 9:19 by R_Vera. 7 replies.
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  •  07-25-2008, 12:25 215543

    Convert DVD video to .AVI

    Does anyone know of a Windows-based converter/tool that will allow me to take unencrypted, user-created DVD video (currently on the DVD itself) and convert that into an .AVI file?
    My client has home movie footage of her daughter singing and wants to put it onto a Web page, so it needs to be converted and scaled.
    I have Pinnacle Studio 11 Ultimate, but it won't read the DVD video. If I can convert the file, Pinnacle will scale it and prepare it for Web use.

    (By the way, I have no idea what "Pinnacle Mobile Media Converter" is, and there's nothing on Pinnacle's Web site, so I figured I might as well post my question here. If there's a better place for it, please let me know.)

  •  08-03-2008, 2:59 218168 in reply to 215543

    Re: Convert DVD video to .AVI

    You can import DVD-Titles in Studio 11 (menu: File - "import DVD-Titles).
  •  08-08-2008, 19:35 219967 in reply to 218168

    Re: Convert DVD video to .AVI

    You can try DVDShrink and Videospin.
  •  09-05-2009, 23:04 335867 in reply to 215543

    Re: Convert DVD video to .AVI

    Piece of cake!

    Get Shrink (free). It will open the DVD and you can save the files as TS files.

    Get Mpeg Streamclip (free). It will open those files and give you many choices of formats to convert the footage to.

    To use Streamclip you'll need the QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback component, which costs $20. But considering that Shrink and Streamclip are worth their weight in gold, but are free, you'll no doubt find that you don't mind the 20 bucks.


  •  10-16-2011, 14:24 495583 in reply to 335867

    Re: Convert DVD video to .AVI

    I am having the same problem.  I have converted my home Hi-8 on a Sony DVD copier and they convert to  _TS.VOB.  I have Pinnacle 14 Ultimate and it can not open read the DVD.  What do I need to buy?  Do you know if Studio 15 will open TS.VOB files?  Bob Brown
  •  10-16-2011, 15:59 495588 in reply to 495583

    Re: Convert DVD video to .AVI

    Copy the vobs toHDD, rename *.vob to *.mpg and see if Studio can handle the files.
  •  10-16-2011, 19:02 495615 in reply to 495583

    Re: Convert DVD video to .AVI

    Studio 15 has problems with certain files created by DVD copiers. And since no one is officially supporting Studio 15's inability to import some files (there have been no updates from Avid or Pinnacle to fix this glaring issue since the product was released), I don't recommend you "upgrade" in the hopes that it will fix it.

    Renaming the file to .MPG might help, but if not, there are many free converters out there that will convert the file into an .AVI (or, better yet, DivX, if you also grab their free codec) or into another file format that you can use. Despite the look of the Website, Super C ( can probably convert your file...and it's free. This is not a great solution, as you lose a bit of quality each time you convert from one file format to another. (Renaming the .VOB to .MPG doesn't convert the file, so there's no loss of quality.)

    If you have a way to get the video directly into your computer (either via FireWire, USB 2.0 or analog video/audio capture), you'd be better off using Studio to capture the video than to use a DVD recorder to make a DVD movie of it. This may be a moot point if you've already captured everything, but for future reference, you'll have more control over the quality of the final product if you use Studio to import it.


  •  10-18-2011, 9:19 495817 in reply to 495615

    Re: Convert DVD video to .AVI

    You may want to try the Prism Video Converter. It is free for 15 days. See if you can have some luck in there. Just convert the file to mpg.

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