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Screen captures using the free MS WMV encoder

Last post 10-12-2007, 19:41 by DStone. 0 replies.
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  •  10-12-2007, 19:41 49046

    Screen captures using the free MS WMV encoder

    There was a discussion started earlier here about screen capture utilities, and earlier discussions have taken place on the Avid forums. One option is the free Microsoft WMV encoder. The problem with using this encoder is if you simply take all the defaults, the results are somewhat less than aesthetic. So I've been playing around with the parameters to see if I could come up with something reasonable.

    Here's a good set of parameters to start with. These can certainly be tweaked even more.

     Start by choosing New Session (if it's not already the default) and choose the Screen Capture. Run through the wizard, but at the end make sure that the Start Capture checkbox is not checked off. Finish out of the wizard. Now click on the Properties tab and make the following changes in the Session Properties dialog box:

    Sources Tab:

    Click on the Video Configure button. This lets you change the starting point (top-left corner) and size of the region to capture, or choose a window. This should already be set from the Screen Capture wizard, but you can change it here if need be.

    Output Tab:

     No changes required.

    Compression Tab:

    The default compression for screen capture is fairly low, and at 15FPS. Click on Edit to change this. This brings up the Custom Encoding Settings dialog box. There are 1 or more tabs. The first one, General, is for the general settings. Each additional tab is for a specific bitrate.

    On the general tab, you might want to alter the CODEC used. The default is WMV 9 Screen. This is a fast encoding CODEC. You might also want to just capture to uncompressed. 

    In the Target bit rates box, select the entry created for you by the Wizard and delete it. Then add a new entry. Use a target bit rate of 1M (1 megabit) or larger. You probably won't need to go much above 2M. This will add a new tab named with the bitrate chosen. Click on this tab (if not automatically selected), then change the video size by clicking the Same as video input checkbox., Change the frame rate to 30 fps (or 29.97 or 25 or whatever). You can leave all the other parameters alone.

    None of the other dialogs (tabs) need to be altered. 

    This gives you a sharper and less jerky video than the default settings when capturing from the screen  for editing. Remember that this material is non-interlaced; you might want to change your master viewer to view both fields when editing this material; it will look much better.

    Hope this helps. 

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