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Mosaic Into Focus?

Last post 08-06-2011, 1:27 by TKMG. 1 replies.
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  •  08-06-2011, 1:19 485654

    Mosaic Into Focus?

    I'm trying to take my png image and have it zoom in for the entire 4 seconds that it's on, but I also want it to go from the pixelated "mosaic" effect and then come into focus.

    My problem is that when I add the mosaic effect, it automatically adds it to the entire clip and either I'm being a complete moron (which is possible) and I'm not sure how to adjust the effect to make it only last a certain time frame and then shut off, or there's something else here.

    So is there any way to adjust how long an effect takes place, or is it just the entire clip and I'm screwed in my attempt to get something to both zoom in and go from pixelated to focused at the same time?

  •  08-06-2011, 1:27 485655 in reply to 485654

    Re: Mosaic Into Focus?

    Actually, it appears as though I've figured out the answer already...though this forum won't let me delete this thread. Mods, feel free to delete this whole thing to save some space :)
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