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Bravo and Dziedzic packs 1 & 2 for Pinnacle 15

Last post 06-10-2011, 13:40 by Tezzeret. 3 replies.
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  •  06-07-2011, 9:19 476922

    Bravo and Dziedzic packs 1 & 2 for Pinnacle 15


    I have not found anything to say that these packs are not compatible with version 15, so I am wondering if anybody else has any information on this. I have recently got a new computer with Windows 7 (64 bit) but I don't think that has anything to do with this because I also have Version 9 on my new computer and those packs work fine in Version 9. In version 15, they appear like any other plugins and they are not "locked." (And all other plugins except these mentioned work fine). However when I actually go to use Bravo or Dziedzic, they distort the video with bands across the front. I'd really love to be able to use these plugins in version 15. So is there anybody out there who has heard of this or has any input?



  •  06-08-2011, 22:35 477218 in reply to 476922

    Re: Bravo and Dziedzic packs 1 & 2 for Pinnacle 15

    Hi Sue

    I use both of these in Version 15 with no problems.  You might check your video card for the latest drivers.

  •  06-09-2011, 4:43 477247 in reply to 477218

    Re: Bravo and Dziedzic packs 1 & 2 for Pinnacle 15

    Thanks, fjones for your reply. That is interesting that these are working fine with your version 15. I wouldn't know how to begin checking my video card...I'm sure it is fine. This is a new computer. Everything displays fine with everything on the computer...except the two brands of video packs I mentioned.  And even they work fine in my version 9 on the same computer. So it is some strange incompatibility somewhere, or the packs are installed wrong, or corrupted, or something! But everything looks right and was done the same way other packs were installed...and they work fine with both versions 9 and 15. Now that I know they work fine on your computer, I will keep looking for answers to this.
  •  06-10-2011, 13:40 477499 in reply to 477247

    Re: Bravo and Dziedzic packs 1 & 2 for Pinnacle 15

    Just for verification, did you apply the effects on a High Definition video or Standard definition video? Try to apply the effects on the sample video that came with the software and see how it goes?
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