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SC200: Problem with new router

Last post 01-15-2010, 2:34 by PaulC. 4 replies.
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  •  12-06-2009, 12:14 360001

    SC200: Problem with new router

    Hi all

    For more than a year I am using successfully a Synology Diskstation (Ds101j) in connection with my Pinnacle Showcenter 200 (SC 200). The two devices were connected via lan on a Zyxel p-660hw router. Now I had to switch to a new router, a Zyxel p660hn, which is basically a new modell of the one i had before.

    I configured the new router the same way as I had the old one configured before, but for some reason the SC 200 does not pick up the Deskstations mediaserver via upnp using the new router.

    I have checked all router settings, firewall is "permit lan to lan"....
    Even if i leave the SC 200 connect to the Diskstation using the old router and then switch the routers without turning of the SC 200, it even works. But once the SC 200 reboots, it doesnt see the Diskstation anymore,

    anyone a clue where i have to dig?

    many thanks,
  •  12-07-2009, 5:48 360147 in reply to 360001

    Re: SC200: Problem with new router

    Is the firmware of the router up-to-date? 

    Have you enabled UPnP in the router setup?

  •  12-07-2009, 13:07 360220 in reply to 360147

    Re: SC200: Problem with new router

    yep - everything up to date. upnp tested off an on (on the old one it worked with off too).


    any further suggestions?

  •  12-07-2009, 14:14 360237 in reply to 360220

    Re: SC200: Problem with new router

    No good ideas, here.  I have a Zyzel wireless router (can't recall the model designation, sorry) that I have configured to be in Bridge mode (in other words, no NAT happens--the wireless looks like an extension of my own house LAN), and it works flawlessly.  If you're using your router as a gateway to your ISP, though, you won't have that opportunity.

    I wonder...if you put a packet-sniffer on your computer (something like ethereal) and put it on the same network segment as your media device via a hub (or perhaps even turning on UPnP in Windows Media Player to cause your Showcenter to "see" your machine as a server), can you see any traffic coming from the Showcenter?  If you can't see it TRYING to connect, no broadcast packets, that sort of thing, you know you have an "inbound traffic issue".  If you see it TRYING to connect, you see your machine respond, but the Showcenter never "sees" the response, you know you have an OUTBOUND traffic issue.  That *may* be pertinent to the solution...don't know.

    Anyone else have any better ideas?


  •  01-15-2010, 2:34 371900 in reply to 360001

    Re: SC200: Problem with new router

    Sounds like the new router does not support multicast - or does it need enabled maybe?


    UPNP options on routers are only for control I think - and should not matter in these cases.



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