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GoPro cameras, etc. ...

Last post 12-07-2018, 10:34 by kiteflyer. 669 replies.
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  •  07-09-2015, 21:41 681675 in reply to 681673

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    The Session is a "knockoff" of the Polariod Cube and the SJCAM 10M.

    The Sesson brings nothing new to the table at a price where you can get the "real thing".

  •  07-19-2015, 20:24 682285 in reply to 681675

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    a new camera that aims to be a more "professional" alternative to the GoPro 4 Black is being developed -- its called the E1, and it has a Micro four thirds sensor, and an interchangeable lens mount.

    (Its also a competitor to the small Blackmagic camera.)

    Capable of remote control and remote viewing via a smartphone, its weight is low enough to be used on some drones.

    Low light is also supposed to be good.

    here are the specs:

  • Cinema 4K at 24fps (4096×2160)
  • UHD at 30fps
  • 60fps in 1080 and 120fps in 720
  • ISO up to 102,400 (clean up to 6400)
  • Controllable via smartphone
  • Micro 4/3 sensor and mount
  • Open platform for additional functionality
  • $699 target price
  •  From what I can tell from at least from the (poor quality) sample video posted so far, the GoPro 4 Black is not under any significant threat except for applications where a non-wide angle lens is required.


  •  07-19-2015, 21:38 682290 in reply to 682285

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    Read about this a few days ago. I went to their Kickstarter page, and they have not met the amount they are looking for. In principal, it looks like a sound little camera. Also, longevity of this company.... lot to consider before jumping on this bandwagon.
  •  07-24-2015, 20:51 682758 in reply to 682290

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...


    I've come across a new very uniquely designed drone -- one that has the potential to be MUCH more portable, and robust --- and even be able to survive landing in water.

    Its called the Sprite -- and its still in the Kickstarter fundraising stage.

    Optionally, there's a version of the Sprite that can mount a 2 axis gimbal and a GoPro. Its not clear what they will sell it for complete w/gimbal -- but the initial cost without the gimbal is $800.

    An interesting and potentially game changing design -- but I wish they'd show more of the actual footage captured by this drone  


    The design of the Sprite continues to intrigue me.

    A vertical, mast based propeller configuration that's "waterproof" and modular --- its one that could potentially allow the upgrading of the provided camera.

    Its propellers organically fold,  making it probably the best designed drone for portability and backpacking.

    The Sprite includes a 2 axis gimbal -- decent for the price, but not as good as a 3 axis gimbal.

    Their webpage -- which I didn't have previously -- describes it quite well -- and offers a chart that fairly contrasts it with comparable systems.


    Separately -- there's another interesting  "waterproof" drone worth learning about:  The Lily.

    Its also highly portable,  lightweight, with propellers that fold -- and its designed to follow and frame its target in a very cinematic way.

    But that fact that it unfortunately won't ship until next May should make most people pause in committing to it. And because of its waterproof design, the internal battery is also not replaceable.

    Nor is the camera upgradable apparently -- nor does it have a physical gimbal. 

    But the $700 price seems reasonable -- if you were willing to take the risk of buying an unknown product with a year's delay in receiving it.


  •  07-24-2015, 21:04 682762 in reply to 682758

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    By the time I would outfit it, it's the same as Iris. And in a year, there will be other drones out there from the established makers that will do more and cost less. If I had to wait a year, that is how I would do it.
  •  07-24-2015, 21:19 682765 in reply to 682762

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    I'm not in a rush either -- and I prefer to buy what has actually been produced (not projected hypothetically)

    Nevertheless -- I should emphasize that the most important feature that both these drones share,  is that they FLOAT !!!

    This is a key differentiator from other drones.

    Because of the nature of what at least I do and where I live, flying over water is likely where a drone would most often be used by me. 


  •  07-28-2015, 17:18 683194 in reply to 682765

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    another GPS company is offering a new small action camera -- its the Tom Tom Bandit.

    It looks to be decently speced -- equipped with what looks to be a GoPro 3+ black level of sensor -- and some very well thought out improvements on usability in comparison to GoPro

    The Bandit allows much easier battery / SD card exchange -- a monstrously difficult process on the GoPro except under the most ideal circumstances.

    The Bandit also makes leveling far simpler, w/ a 360 degree rotation capability.

    It also offers "instant" edits using motion meta data -- which for many adventurers would be of considerable value and convenience.

    Worth knowing about -- though its price seems a bit ambitious at $400 -- and I haven't seen any raw footage.beyond whats on the company's website -- but while I don't know if it was all shot w/ the Bandit, the video does look impressive


  •  07-28-2015, 18:25 683209 in reply to 683194

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    Yeah, I saw that in my email. Read about it. Nice ideas, but in a crowded market with the 800lbs gorilla named GoPro, good luck to them. They make a decent GPS though.
  •  09-02-2015, 21:20 685999 in reply to 683209

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    another interesting, affordable, 4K drone is coming -- the Vantage Robotics Snap Drone.

    It includes a 2 axis stabilized 4K camera, a foldable, modular design that can easily be backpackable, and has integrated prop guards.

    Brilliantly designed, the battery, electronic brains, camera, etc are all magnetically swappable.

    Control is primarily through a smartphone -- making use the accelerometer's tilt to change the drone's angle and attitude -- though a smart wireless joysticked game controller can be used instead.

    There are a wide variety of electronic options -- including "follow me" mode, virtual fencing, etc. 

    The video is definitely worth watching 

    It will cost under $1000 during the preorder period.

    Their homepage is:




  •  09-08-2015, 18:22 686413 in reply to 685999

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    DJI is upping their game to stay ahead or at least even with everyone, especially with the people from 3D Robotics....

    I sit and wait and watch.....

  •  09-28-2015, 17:14 687989 in reply to 686413

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    A new company called  is making a simple GoPro type camera capable of shooting (approx) 360 degree of video -- quite decently, and at the reasonable price of $400. (Google's 360 VR rig -- which employs 16 GoPros -- costs a crazy $15K. 

    With the imminent arrival of affordable VR, this could well be a disruptive device.

    The picture quality of their demo is surprisingly good, and because its a smallish single lens device, it likely will be easy to carry around and use.

    (the demo starts with a minute or so of fluff before real footage is seen)


  •  10-29-2015, 7:21 692832 in reply to 687989

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    as I've mentioned some months back, GoPro intends to offer its own stabilized drone soon.

    No price or specs are available -- but as a preliminary taste of its capabilities, they have posted a sample video

    Though the video demonstrates silky smooth movement -- it ironically also shows the GoPro's weakness in direct sunlight.


  •  10-29-2015, 7:36 692833 in reply to 692832

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    A new company called ProDrone is selling an affordably priced, brilliantly designed new drone.

    Their system can be configured with either a GoPro capable 3 axis gimbal (~$950) or their own 4K camera (~$1400) -- both include a long range video link, follow me mode,  return home feature, non-GPS indoor navigation, and 29min flight time.

    This is a well thought out design -- one that can be readily upgraded, and easily folded up and backpacked.

    If I were getting a drone today, this is what I would probably get.

    CNET has a review

  •  10-29-2015, 18:27 692880 in reply to 692833

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    Drones may soon have to be registered with the Federal Government.  Apparently, drones are more dangerous than guns
  •  10-29-2015, 18:52 692881 in reply to 692880

    Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    Same here in France (except for the guns, obviously).

    Drones over 1 Kg should be registered. Owners should follow an online formation. Drones should be fitted by a RFID beacon identifying the drone and its owner.

    It's still a Government project.

  •  10-30-2015, 20:38 692989 in reply to 651195

    Re: GoPro cameras, etc. ...


    Kodak -- or at least some company that licensed that bankrupt company's name -- is making an action camera that can capture 360 degrees.

    The posted picture quality looks decent -- though I would not have an application for this camera.

    YouTube presents a surprisingly seamless way to view this 360 degree Kodak camera

    To see for yourself watch this lengthy clip shot from the cockpit of a fighter jet, or another from the flight deck of an airliner  -- using your mouse you can easily see all around.

    This is very cool stuff coming from a $300 camera.

    My only reservation is that there doesn't seem to yet be a way to view these using the Google Cardboard VR -- together they would make a killer package.





  •  12-07-2018, 9:26 775802 in reply to 692989

    Re: GoPro cameras, etc. ...

    Hi guys, returning to editing etc after a long 6 year break & just bought a second hand 3+ Black edition, so having a look through the forum to see if anything i need to watch out for when editing using Studio 16, had a quick skip though this which looks interesting
  •  12-07-2018, 9:48 775804 in reply to 775802

    Re: GoPro cameras, etc. ...

    Hi Martin,

    Good to see you back.

    No GoPro here and Studio 16 replaced with PS22 for quite some time already, so can't help you with any advice.  

  •  12-07-2018, 10:32 775809 in reply to 686413

    Betreft: Re: GoPro cameras, drones, etc...

    In europe the standard is 25fps!! Standard cameras here works also with 25fps.

    But not all DJI drones have the possibility to work with 25fps ..mostly 30fps!!

    Mixing 25fps from a camera with 30fps from a drone in a project is horrible!!

    that's my experience!  

  •  12-07-2018, 10:34 775810 in reply to 775804

    Re: GoPro cameras, etc. ...


    Hi Martin,

    Good to see you back.

    No GoPro here and Studio 16 replaced with PS22 for quite some time already, so can't help you with any advice.  


    Hi Paul, it's good to be back, I've already picked a few of the guys (jjn, Ingolf etc) brains on another thread so good to see some of the old faces still about, 22 might happen somewhere down the line but i'm still running the PC in my profile that i was running back when i was here regularlyWink

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