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PS 23.1 audio out of sync

Last post 06-09-2021, 15:39 by PDS. 30 replies.
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  •  05-10-2020, 17:31 799191 in reply to 796337

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Hi, I wanted to report that the latest patch to PS23 appears to resolved this issue for me.  Hopefully, that is true for others as well! 

    went to a 6-minute clip from my Canon HF G40 that I exported on March 14th and experienced significantly out-of-sync video and audio by the end.  I pulled it into PS23.2U and exported using "same as timeline" parameters and everything was fine.  Unfortunately, my March-April project needed to get done - I did it in PS22U and had no major issues.  I figured that it was the simplest path forward given my timeline.  I look forward to working with the new PS23 features on my next project.

    Daddy Schlich 

  •  08-28-2020, 12:47 803547 in reply to 790451

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Due to the same problem when exporting the projects in PS23, I was working for 2 weeks with the staff of the Corel support area and they did not find the solution, but after researching the problem I came to the conclusion that the software has a problem handling a memory buffer when exporting, so if a Split Clip is done every 1.5 minutes at most in the audio track, then the export is done without problems. At the beginning I split clip every 2.5 minutes and the problem was solved, but later in a more complex project it failed again, so to make sure I split the audio track every 1.5 minutes maximum. All this waiting for Corel to solve the problem. But at least you can continue working and export.

  •  08-28-2020, 14:25 803552 in reply to 803547

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Curious as t your computer specs (see mine below as example), and the footage you are using. What created it. How long are the projects?

  •  10-13-2020, 12:12 806622 in reply to 799191

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Thanks for the "same as timeline" parameter recommendation.  It solved my async problem.
  •  10-13-2020, 21:23 806656 in reply to 806622

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    Good to hear that it helped.  The issue was very frustrating.
  •  06-09-2021, 15:39 815079 in reply to 799191

    Re: PS 23.1 audio out of sync

    reinstalling Pinnacle 24 now includes a patch that fixed the audio out of synch on export issue for me in Pinnacle 24.
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