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Studio 24 and *.ts files

Last post 02-27-2021, 8:48 by gedall40. 26 replies.
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  •  02-25-2021, 14:04 812049 in reply to 812048

    Re: Re:Studio 24 and *.ts files


    So I have a question which I hope someone can answer - is it possible to purchase a PS24 plug in that allows me to output the sound onto the Blu-ray disc in Dolby 5.1 channel surround sound rather than PCM? I

    Such a plugin doesn't exist.

  •  02-27-2021, 8:48 812089 in reply to 812049

    Re: Re:Studio 24 and *.ts files


    Such a plugin doesn't exist.

    I was afraid you would say that!  My current sound system accepts PCM but only up to 48KHz (or maybe 96KHz the manual is not consistent) so that's probably why PCM 5.1 sound from the PS24 produced disc doesn't actually activate anything. 

     UPDATE:  There are a number of problems in the sequence of devices used to convey sound to the speakers, so there is no chance of me getting PCM 5.1 sound working with the present setup.
    However, I have discovered that my version of Nero does have the ability to make Blu-ray discs with "AC3 5.1" as the sound setting.  So if I import the .ts into Nero Video, edit it there, and then make the BR disc, I can retain the 5.1 sound throughout from disc to amplifier, which interprets it as Dolby 5.1 Surround sound and forwards it to all the speakers.  It's a pity that PS24 cannot use this codec for the audio.
    So did I need to purchase PS24?  Yes, for the multi-video editing. Also it is much more user friendly than Nero Video to use.  But for simple Start and End trims of a ts file, I can now find a way of keeping 5.1 sound for my present audio setup. I have tried using Nero to burn a BD from the BDMV file created in PS24, but it plays havoc with the menus!

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