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Input requested for my new configuration

Last post 03-07-2020, 12:20 by Tony P. 42 replies.
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  •  02-26-2020, 5:11 795671 in reply to 795647

    Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    Nice build!

    If they offer the AMD RX580 8GB, you might save a little more money. The RX590 is not worth the price increase and I seriously doubt it's impact in editing. And it will increase the heat in the case.

    Curious as to where they are going to mount the X62. 

    How many case fans are you going to have?

    What is Windows 10 Home NL

    Differences between PS20 and PS23 (get  the Ultimate) are to me significant. First, it has AMD graphics card support for exporting. WOW!!!! Fast! Faster than using just the CPU as what you are doing now. The color grading/correcting is a huge plus in getting the right "look" you want along with LUT support. There are lots of free LUTs out there and PS23U comes supplied with some.  There is masking and other features. You can get an idea of what's new for PS23U HERE. Software has come a long way in this price range.


  •  02-26-2020, 5:49 795672 in reply to 795671

    Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    They do offer the 580 as well, this would save €5 only.

    They came up with the X62, so I guess they know where they plan to build it ;)

    NL stands for Netherlands, that's where I live.


    PS20 vs P23: I currently have PS20 Ultimate. Good to read that PS23 offerst AMD graphics card support. I came across a German comparison of Edius editing software running on Intel's I9900K versus 3900X. They 'activated' the Intel QSync in the software and as a result HD and 4K rendered much FASTER on Intel. Without QSync Intel and AMD where equally fast. They state to see similar results in Pinnacle, but maybe   See the (German) review: (for some reason linking does not work all of a sudden, so I had to copy the URL instead). The reviewer works for a company dedicated to building video editing PCs .

  •  02-26-2020, 6:28 795673 in reply to 795672

    Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    The 590 for only a little more? Sure!

    The X62 will cost you more. Looks nice and is a great cooler.

    NL... Netherlands... thought so! 

    The link you have isn't working. Quicksync also works in Pinnacle. This is the first version of PS (23) that offered AMD acceleration support. Before, if you used AMD hardware (which I've always used), you were stuck with using the CPU to do all the strong lifting in every aspect. Now, with AMD graphics support, exporting is faster. But it all depends on what you have done with your video. Add lots of effects, layers and such that do not take advantage of the GPU, you will see it's usage drop. I keep taskmanager open on to monitor hardware usage. There are times when the GPU is at 100% use.

    It all comes down to how the software is programmed to make use of hardware. Premiere used to run it's best with Intel, which was the dominate CPU choice. Not any more. AMD performs better, which was a surprise to a lot of reviewers.

    I went from a 1700X overclocked to what I have now running stock. Yes, I will overclock in the future just to see what happens, but in the here and now, I am quite happy with my computer. I'll upgrade GPU maybe later this year, but there really is no need since I am only a light gamer. If I will upgrade to make better use of other software that I use, but again, I really don't have to. 

  •  02-26-2020, 6:44 795674 in reply to 795673

    Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

     Rechecked: yep, selecting the 590 instead of 580 only adds €5,00 to the configuration price.

    I have fixed the link in the earlier post now. Could be that Edius does NOT support AMD graphics. Good to read that PS23 does support AMD acceleration, so I will upgrade for sure then.

    My English already gave away that I'm Dutch I suppose?  

    In the end, the render speed is not the most important factor for me. I typically render when the editing is done and I go to bed... I'll find the result the next morning. More important for me is the speed I hope to gain in the timeline (playing video, effects and of course encoding speed).And on top: I hope that PS23 is more stable than 20 because PS20 crashes quite frequently for no obvious reason, even with hardly any video on the timeline.

  •  02-26-2020, 7:22 795675 in reply to 795674

    Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    Your English is excellent. It was the "NL" in your OS choice that gave it away!  Wink

    I watched the link. There is a custom computer builder for Premiere, and they use Intel CPU's, so skew the test results to reflect it. Independent testers have called them out on it. I guess this company has a bunch of Intel CPU's to sell. Edius is a good editing software I considered in the past, when Avid decided to end Liquid, but never bought. 

    As with any editing software, the more you do on the timeline, the longer it takes to get things done. You have to adjust Optimization still along with Preview.

    Since you will be installing on a new computer, you shouldn't have the constant crashing. I still have PS20U installed on my computer and it works as it should.

    What footage are you editing? How long are your projects?

  •  02-26-2020, 8:04 795676 in reply to 795675

    Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    Always nice to receive compliments from a native English speaker. 😁

     Up to now I have a lot of more than 10 years old SD material I have to go through, dating from the time my kids where young. Currently I am shooting HD and occasionally 4K.

    I used to make lots of videos out of school camp footage for an audience of 12 year old kids. So lots of funny stuff like animations, pip, sounds, titles etc. on 5-8 tracks. Output is typical 20-40 minutes. 

    For personal use I restrain on animations, usually only basic transitions, titles, PiP and some music. Most of the time I can manage with 4-5 tracks. Output typically 15-30 minutes. Output quality always same as footage. My TV does a pretty good job in upscaling.

  •  02-26-2020, 8:48 795677 in reply to 795676

    Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    I haven't edited SD in years. My editing days started around 1990 with the Amiga computer. As a hobby turned into a semi-serious registered business, I shot SVHS and did a/b roll with the Amiga/Toaster. It was fun.

    As time marched on and the Amiga didn't, I went to the PC (ugh) and DPS Editbay. Then I went miniDV. Stayed there until going with MTS Canon 1080 on SD cards. I couldn't wait to get rid of ingesting tape to edit. Now, I shoot 1080 50P or 4K with the cameras listed below..

    You shouldn't have any problems working with your footage. I don't know how you get it into your computer, but I would start setting up a separate HD now just for the footage, "just in case". You can even install PS20 on the new computer and see how it runs. 

    Most of what I do outside of the corporate/non profit world is, like you, for myself. Some is very complex spanning 16 tracks with fx and sound, but most are not longer than 10 minutes. With the new nested feature, it keeps the timeline nice and simple. 

    I've done long form editing of corporate videos which run an hour. My problem with PS is the longer I edit and move further down the timeline, the slower the software gets when you press keys like the spacebar. It's like to me, keeping a buffer of sorts of "undo" as you move down the timeline line.

    After about 3-4 hours, I'll take a break and shut everything down including the computer. Restarting fixes the issue and off I go editing again. 

    I have pro editing software on my computer. They are not perfect either and bring their own set of issues. But if I have a project deadline, the software I'll use is Pinnacle. It hasn't failed me yet, even in spite of me pulling out the few gray hairs on my head.

  •  02-26-2020, 9:38 795678 in reply to 795677

    Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    I have stored my footage (AVI-files) from the DV-tape on my 4-bay NAS. When I start editing I copy the specific footage on my D-drive (SSD).PS itself is installed on my C-drive (also SSD), which is also my scratch disk. I have been wondering whether it would be better to  have C for OS, D for PS a mechanical HDD for the footage and another (SSD or HDD) as scratch disc.When I installed PS20 it didn't give me any option of installing it on D, so I had to squeeze it on my tiny 80 GB C-drive. 

    I guess I will not believe my eyes when I start editing on my to-be PC, being used to my current ancient 4 core I7-930 processor @2.80GHz, Nvidia GeForce GT240,  6GB DDR3/1333 memory and Asus P6T mobo from 2010...😎

  •  02-26-2020, 16:53 795692 in reply to 795678

    Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    You will notice a difference when you get the new PC for sure. That's a big upgrade. You waited a long time for this.

    Pinnacle likes being installed on your C: drive. All your PS storage locations can be anywhere you want. I have everything on another drive. I'm not sure a scratch disk needs to be a SSD. Mine is on a fast mechanical. Since you will have it already installed, you can change locations of your storage files in Pinnacle back and forth between mechanical and SSD.  The mechanical drives are a couple of 2 and 3TB drives.

    Have you finalized what you are going to buy? After that, how long for delivery?

  •  02-27-2020, 6:24 795737 in reply to 795692

    Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    I think I have, with your help, pretty much figured it out now, although I haven't decided on the case yet (good looks vs money...).

    Fractal Design Meshify C or NZXT H710
    Gigabyte Aorus Elite
    AMD RYZEN 9 3900X - 3,8GHz
    Corsair Vengeance 32GB (3200Mhz)
    NZXT Kraken X62
    Corsair VS650
    Drives: a 500GB Crucial MX500 (C:), a 1 TB Crucial MX500 (D:) and a 4 TB mechanical HDD.

    Total price just under €2100, including assembly and shipping. 

    In addition I already have a 4-bay Synology NAS and external back up drives.

    Once I have saved enough money they can usually build, test and ship out the PC within 2-3 days after payment. Maybe a little longer as they do not have the 3200MHz memory in their webshop, but they are willing to order and install this on my request.

    Thanks for all the usefull tips and for bringing some usefull Yuotube channels to my attention. Much appreciated! 👍





  •  02-27-2020, 7:39 795743 in reply to 795737

    Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    No problem with the help!

    One question though, you say the 500GB SSD for your C: drive, why? I am guessing you have all the "Documents, Pictures, Downloads", etc on other drives?

    I'm using a 1TB SSD transferring over to a 1TB NVME drive with a new Win10 Pro install. I am constantly moving "stuff" to other drivers, especially everything I download, which mainly includes software that I have installed.  My Documents folder is close to 60GB, while the Download folder is almost 140GB. I moved a lot of my downloads to another drive to keep space free on the C: drive (around 300GB).

    As for cases, leverage the cost of "good looks" over the few years you will have the case. And just in case you decide to see how things hook up on the inside and decide to add some things in the future yourself (it really isn't that hard), think on expandability of the case.

  •  02-28-2020, 11:08 795808 in reply to 795743

    Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    True, I only use my C-drive for the OS and to install programs on. Everything else is stored on the HDD. Long term storage and large downloads are stored on my NAS. 
  •  03-03-2020, 9:57 795958 in reply to 795808

    Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    Hi Tony, I have made the decision, dug deep into my wallet and order the following rig: CPU:AMD Ryzen 3900X GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1660 Super Gaming OC Mem: Kingston HyperX Fury 32 GB @ 3600MHz Mobo: Gigabyte X570 Aorus Elite Drives: 500 GB + 1 TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD + 4 TB Seagate Ironwolf HDD Power supply: Corsair RM750 Gold Case: Fractal Design Meshify C Solid Side Panel CPU Cooling: BeQuiet! Dark Rock Pro 4 So some smaller changes compared to the earlier set up: - higher speed memory to be more on AMD's sweet spot - air fan cooler instead of AIO X62 - upgraded power unit (almost same price) - I got rid of the glass panel in the case, same case but with a solid panel (as I am not interested in RGB stuff, the workstation will be located under my desk). Delivery is expected in a few days, I may be playing around with it this weekend already 😊. I will post some impressions later.
  •  03-03-2020, 10:50 795963 in reply to 795958

    Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    Nice setup! My case isn't under a desk, so the RGB looks nice. The Dark Rock cooler is a good one. Any additional fans for the case to move the air out? Especially once that GPU heats up. There will be a lot of heat in the case with both CPU and GPU. .

    Why Nvidia card? Just asking out of curiosity. 

    What you should do is do a couple of tests on your current computer to see how fast it works and renders. Then compare numbers. 

    All the YouTube tech channels are saying prices for computer hardware will be going up because of the virus in China. No one is really working. Once stock runs out, it will be a long time before everything gets back to normal. Glad I built my PC when I did. 

  •  03-03-2020, 11:02 795965 in reply to 795963

    Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    No, no additional fans indeed. I'll check out why they did not recommend that. I overlooked it myself in the final quote I got.

    No particular reason for Nvidia, just based on the builder's advice. They thought the GTX1660 would perform overall slighty better than the 590 and would produce less heat (so they have been thinking of the heat aspect...)

    As for test: yes, I am already preparing some test, on old SD material as well as on 4K footage. I will create a project with one or multiple timelines, transition effects etc and run them on both old and new system. I will post the results later in this topic.


    Update: PC builder called me within minutes after I inquired on the (lack of extra) fan. The case itself has 2 stock fans and they had planned to add an additional one free of charge (they have a bunch of them somewhere). So I will end up with two front fans, one fan in the back and the  CPU fan. So they had already anticipated for the heat are aware thatof the importance of airflow.

  •  03-03-2020, 11:42 795966 in reply to 795965

    Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    Definitely look into the fans.You have the CPU and GPU adding heat to inside the case.

    Yes, the 1660 will usually have a slightly lower GPU temp. Performance is dependent on what you are using it for, since it varies, like anything else.

    Get the air flow straightened out. It's very important. 

  •  03-07-2020, 8:21 796111 in reply to 795966

    Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Betreft: Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    I had promised to report back on the difference between my old and new PC. Well, the new PC has arrived and here are the results.

     So I have created some small identical projects on both PC for a quick speed comparison. No surprise that the new 3900X with 32GB RAM@3600MhZ declassifies my 2.8 MHz I7 930 with only 6 GB RAM @ 1.33MHz. 

    encoding 3 minutes of 4K footage: from 350 (old) to 55 sec (new)

    rendering 1 minutes of 4K footage with FX and transitions:  from 775 to 90 sec

    rendering 30 sec of 5-track 4K footage with transparancy keyframing and 4 4K clips dragged into one montage template: from 420 to 40 sec


    Timeline rendering (encoding) is about 5 times faster where rendering is 10 times or more faster.

    Although the speed gain in encoding is somewhat less than hoped for, the good thing is that encoding is much less needed now as 4K material plays pretty decent in the timeline not to mention sub-4K footage which I can just drop on the timeline and start playing around with.

    PS23 responds so much faster to everything you do: toggling between tabs (Import/Edit/Export) goes so smoothly, where this used to take 5-10 sec each time... Everything is so snappy right now.  








  •  03-07-2020, 12:20 796127 in reply to 796111

    Re: Input requested for my new configuration

    Good to hear about your results!

    You've only worked with short clips in this. Wait until you start working on longer more complex projects. That's when you will really see the difference!


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