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how do i get pinnacle 12.1 to play theses videos

Last post 02-02-2019, 6:03 by culpanr. 25 replies.
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  •  02-02-2019, 6:03 779107 in reply to 779062

    Re: how do i get pinnacle 12.1 to play theses videos

    Attachment: MediaInfo_out.txt

    I tried the first one in your list ( - the video downloader tool I used showed two versions of the "720p" video so I downloaded the slightly smaller one. MediaInfo text dump looks sensible (attached), and that video can be previewed and edited OK here in Studio 12.1.

    But two potentially-significant differences here:

    • I'm running under Windows 10 Home 64 bit build 1809
    • I do have other (newer) versions of Studio also installed: 14, 16, 19 and 22; it might be that one of the newer versions (14?) has updated a shared file

    In case the issue is due to some characteristic (or bug?) in the video downloader tool you used, check the properties shown by MediaInfo (text view) against the dump I've attached; if you see something very different (for example a reported variable frame rate, or a different frame rate that's not 29.97) then I would suggest trying a different video downloader tool...


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