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Studio 15 Transitions and nvidia updates

Last post 10-03-2015, 5:42 by DaringDramis. 26 replies.
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  •  10-01-2015, 20:53 689455 in reply to 689441

    Re: Studio 15 Transitions and nvidia updates

    Having a dual-boot system seems a lot of trouble to go to just for the sake of a few transitions in Studio (which is all it would be for me).

    What would be really nice is if GPU drivers had a compatability mode similar to Windows where you could run any program under any older version of the drivers. 

    Better still, it would be nice if they simply didn't change things that broke your software. Even Windows itself rarely does that. I'm running programs on Windows 10 that

    I first had on Window 98 without (much) bother. Usually the "bother" is caused by 3rd party drivers no longer supporting the software, such as in this case.

    Of course, the easiest solution to all this is to buy a more up to date Video Editor. My Studio 12 just popped up an advert encouraging me to buy Studio 19!

  •  10-03-2015, 5:42 689635 in reply to 689455

    Re: Studio 15 Transitions and nvidia updates

    Under Windows 7, I sometimes run a program called Painter Classic dating of 1990, given to me by an old friend; that program is very similar to Paintbrush, but a little bit more powerful than the most recent version of Paintbrush. The only issue I've met is about associating files with it; I can't open associated files directly by clicking it, but I can open them in the menu of the program itself. Very minor issue.

    However, I disagree with the idea of getting rid of so many useful functions provided by Studio, such as previewing the results lively.

    By the way, I've tested the option of creating users that would be able to use different version of drivers. Basicallly, users are only allowed to use the driver used by the administrator., but it isn't said that the user can't load its own driver manually. Further testings are to be made, but it's complicated.

     I completely agree with you about compatibility of drivers; it's so true that I've noticed that even when you ask for a clean installation of a driver to replace another, the oldest driver remains on the computer. If Windows can be so retrocompatible over the years. Nvidia should be retrocompatible as well, as they are an authority in graphic rendering.

     I've encoutered the same popup as you, enjoining me to upgrade to Pinnacle Ultimate version 19. It's something that I don't want to do, since I know that it's not necessary. It's not only for a sake of a few transitions that are not working, but for a sake of a software that I've payed full price, which I expect to work at full strength.


    However... I'm willing to test any further.


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