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PS 17 Plus response time lag

Last post 02-19-2015, 18:37 by Darcon. 30 replies.
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  •  02-15-2015, 16:05 664829 in reply to 664826

    Re: PS 17 Plus response time lag

    PS17 is built on PS16 (slight interface change, bug fixes, etc). PS18 is 64bit, where as PS17/16 are "optimized". But I do not think that is your problem. I've done a lot of videos with PS16 and PS17 and never experienced what you are experiencing. All of them were done basically on this computer with a 64bit OS and 16gigs of RAM.

    The "only" way I, or anyone else can diagnose your computer is by actually having it with them. 

    This is just a suggest, and a time consuming one at that. If you have a spare drive doing nothing laying around, format it fresh with Win7 64. Install your program on it (after driver updates including graphics... don't know if one is needed for your CPU). Then install PS17 and see if the same thing is happening. 

    As others have posted, you are a "first" with this problem. 

  •  02-15-2015, 17:23 664836 in reply to 664829

    Re: PS 17 Plus response time lag

    Thanks Tony.  I guess it's nice to be "first" in something!!   I need to get this particular project finished so I'll have to plod along with what I have. At least when I export the file, it will be rendered and will burn to disc.  I'll have to find/get a spare drive and do as you suggest.

    As I am siting here, BGRenderer is showing 1GB; NGStudio 590000KB and RM35599KB!!

    Thanks for your help and suggestions.

  •  02-16-2015, 9:38 664879 in reply to 664836

    Re: PS 17 Plus response time lag

    While I will have BGRenderer go over 1GB, it doesn't stay there. After rendering is done, it settles down to a couple hundred kBs.  NGStudio at around 491kb or so.

    Even with a 1/2hr AVCHD movie open (with minimal effects), NGStudio is still at that number. After rendering is done, BGR is about 117kb. RM is 13kb. Not much difference when I first start up the program.

    Is background rendering going? What if you open the software to no project?

  •  02-19-2015, 11:12 665622 in reply to 664879

    Re: PS 17 Plus response time lag

    With only PS17 open but no project selected:  335000 for NGStudio; 48000 for BGRenderer and 100000.

    However, more delay problems. 

    I added a 2 minute scrolling credits comprising a list of names in Arial 60 with no embellishments. It takes an age to render. When the movie is then played, when it arrives at the start of the credits, the video essentially freezes; the credits are significantly jerky but the sound continues as normal. In other words if I allow the playback to run, the sound plays as if everything was normal but the video/credits significantly lag behind.

    Thus, I created a new project with the video "Sky-is-the-limit" (2 minutes) with the credits  as mentioned above (but reduced in time to 1m:45s). Same problem but not as pronounced. I then exported this movie to create a disc image. Up to the point at where the credits start, rendering rattled through at a fast rate. Then, it slowed down to being jerky. The rendering took about 20 minutes.  The size of the file was 175MB. During this process, NGStudio: 560000; BGRenderer: 96000; RM.exe: 30000.


    Removing the credits enabled the "create image" exercise to finish in about 15seconds. The file size was 175MB. 

     Perhaps I have a "bugged" version of PS 17?



  •  02-19-2015, 17:59 665709 in reply to 665622

    Re: PS 17 Plus response time lag

    Don't know about "bugged" version, but did the finally export play properly?


  •  02-19-2015, 18:37 665721 in reply to 665709

    Re: PS 17 Plus response time lag

    Had to abandon the project this morning.


    Started a new project consisting of a 2m34s video with 2 minute scrolling title. Creating an image for this 3685 frame, 208MB movie took 6m.45s!! I burned it to disk.  It played correctly on my DVD player.

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