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Who will drop Avid Studio, Poll

Last post 02-06-2012, 13:33 by kpg55. 32 replies.
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  •  12-15-2011, 14:22 504454 in reply to 504364

    Re: AW: Re: Who will drop Avid Studio, Poll

    Tony P:

    Still using AS1.1. While I have Studio15UC and 14U on my computer (as well as VSP X4), I still fall back to Avid Studio to do any editing. Issues, yes. Issues with just  about every piece of software I own, but it doesn't stop me from using it (who has given up Windows yet?).

    I asked in an earlier post does anyone know how many updates with other NLE's before an upgrade. How often are these done. And in the other forums, are there problems posted and are people leaving because of it.

    Would I like the bugs fixed? Of course. I would have liked that there be none in the first place. 

    I'll wait and see what happens. I have time and $$$ invested and am not ready to toss it out just yet. 

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  •  12-19-2011, 16:41 505159 in reply to 504453

    Re: AW: Re: Who will drop Avid Studio, Poll



    I have been doing research on several NLE's, and i can answer one of your questions. Of the other 5 leading NLE's, for past and current versions, they have issued 2-6 fixes on average. I know some people will say, that means more problems. No, I don't see that, by visiting forums.

    Yes, they all have problems with new versions, with none any worst than others. That is really not the issue.  But the BIG difference that i see, and the main reason why I am looking elsewhere is customer support. The issuing of only 1 patch (AS1.1) or no patches (as in PS14-PS15), makes it VERY CLEAR what Avid thinks of its customers. When left with no signs of hope for improvement, most customers will look elsewhere, for any type of product. Their history will reflect there future. Why should you even expect another patch. Other NLE's clearly support their product better.


    Thanks for the input Randy. While you state 2-6 fixes issued, what is the time frame for it? And before a fix is issued, is there an announcement? I have other products on my computer and get updates. They are never announced until they are ready to be downloaded. So, unless I miss something, does Adobe, Sony, Grass Valley, etc put out an announcement before a bug fix release? 

    And what time frame is everyone looking for to have them? I would guess it is different for each of us depending on our needs and what the problem is. If it's me, I would have liked it done "yesterday".  I do agree with you on the PS14-15 upgrade for a fee. While I didn't experience any insurmountable problems with it, there were enough reported and repeatable bugs that should have been fixed.

    I said I would wait. If they come out with v2.0 and ask for money, then you are right. Until them, this "Avid isn't going to do anything" is all speculation. I know here in the States, you are innocent until proven guilty. Again, if they come out with 2.0 for a price, they are guilty as charged. Until then, they are not. I didn't expect much from them this time of year. Next year is a different story.

    And other NLE's do not necessarily support their products better. I know first hand.  

    And no, I do not work for Avid/Pinnacle. Just a user like the rest of you. 

  •  01-31-2012, 21:06 512718 in reply to 504364

    Re: AW: Re: Who will drop Avid Studio, Poll

    Well said Tony!
  •  01-31-2012, 21:06 512719 in reply to 497755

    Re: Who will drop Avid Studio, Poll

    Not dropping, no problems, love it.
  •  02-01-2012, 10:03 512779 in reply to 512719

    Re: Who will drop Avid Studio, Poll

    I can see how much you love it with all those tutorial videos!!!!
  •  02-01-2012, 13:10 512806 in reply to 512779

    Re: Who will drop Avid Studio, Poll

    Confession time! I removed AS from my system but I recently had to reinstall. It was the only program that would import a Pinnacle 12 bluray.

    Next confession, I have removed it again until the patch comes through!

  •  02-02-2012, 21:09 513056 in reply to 512806

    Re: Who will drop Avid Studio, Poll

    My problems with AS (as stated in my apology post) came from a CPU with aftermarket cooling that just ran too hot.

     I'm now using two NLE and will continue to do so for a while. I don't know which I'll finally choose if I decide to go with one.What I tell people is download the trail version of this and my other NLE  and decide which is best for them.

    Yes it would be nice if Avid gave us earliy users a big break on V2, but at this time I'll probably get it anyway.

  •  02-06-2012, 13:33 513749 in reply to 513056

    From a long time Pinnacle User

    I have been an Avid (Pinnacle) Studio user for over 10 years. For my video needs (mix 3-4 cameras to create a concert video in HD), Avid Studio is the first affordable, easy to use product that gets the job done IMHO. When I used Version 1.0, the only bug I found that was annoying was Avid Studio would crash when the timeline was expanded too rapidly. Annoying, but minor. When I originally updated to 1.1, I ran into 2 major issues which have been documented in this forum. One was in creating HD mpeg-2 files (songs in a concert which I use in creating discs) the size (& time) of the files would show incorrectly (3-4 times larger than they were), which would rear it''s ugly head when I tried to create discs and I could only fit half the songs on the disc. I also had major Disc Menu creation issues.

    As a result, I had to back up to Version 1.0 which I have been using since. So as disapointed as I am in the 1.1 patch, until I can't fulfill my Clients needs, Studio stays. And patch problems aside, Avid Studio is in my top 5 for software I have ever used.


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