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Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

Last post 02-16-2021, 13:45 by acsscott. 28 replies.
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  •  01-19-2021, 17:41 810796 in reply to 810794

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    Not sure what to say about this?
  •  01-19-2021, 17:49 810797 in reply to 810796

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    I bought 23 this way except I think the minimum was more but included a bunch of things that I didn't really need. 

     And yes, 24 is now installing ... 

  •  01-19-2021, 18:05 810798 in reply to 810797

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    And they wonder why they can't afford tech support when they need help.
  •  01-19-2021, 18:08 810799 in reply to 810798

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    "Usually", software people will put last year's version for sale, hoping that you will upgrade.

    This also brings in money, again while exposing the software to people who know nothing about it.

    And it's 100% legit. Corel puts this together. 

    So, if someone wants to upgrade to PS24U at a really cheap price, now is the time!

    Luminar 4 photo editing software raked in almost $700,000 on the product. And it's not the latest version, Luminar AI is.

  •  01-19-2021, 18:37 810800 in reply to 810799

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    Ya, but this is the current version and for those of us that paid the price for the upgrade to support the manufacture so there will continue to be more new versions and patches, we just got hosed.
  •  01-19-2021, 22:12 810802 in reply to 810800

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    I've been messing with Studio since v8 or 10.  Then did 12U.  Held out until 21 came out.  Paid full price.  Got PS 23U and Corel bundel last year... oops 2019 I should say.  May go this route to go to 24U and to upgrade Corel apps.

    Either way, thought I'd pass it on.  Plus, I always pay a bit more than needed since the money goes to charity.  And we are saving boatloads.
  •  01-20-2021, 3:13 810807 in reply to 810802

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    In addition to PS24U you can also upgrade to the full version of Mulitcam Capture for about half the price currently being offered under "Get More."  While I empathise with acsscott, if this promotion gets more users, over the longer term, the product has more of a sustainable future. In terms of editing software, competition is tough with a lot of different offerings.  
  •  01-20-2021, 4:36 810811 in reply to 810807

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    Humble Bundle is a "charity" compagny. Their offers are launched with the agreement of the softwares editors during a limited period of time and in a limited volume of copies sold.
  •  01-20-2021, 6:55 810813 in reply to 810811

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    HI, I'm not a PS user (but VS and VMS) but I realy do not understand why to offer top version for 1$ and not the basic PS. If marketing want's to lure more users to jump to PS then by giving it for 1% of the cost else where, it just show how you value your product. Those 100's that will get $1 24U will not upgrade to future PS's any time soon.

    **my 2c.

  •  01-20-2021, 7:09 810815 in reply to 810813

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    Corel does not sell PS 24 Ultimate at $1. They provide a certain number of copies (10 000) to Humble Bundle during a short period of time (1 month).

    Humble Bundle ask people to give at least $1 to get PS24 (it's their price decision). You may give more if you will. A certain part of the money received by Humble Bundle is redistributed to charity associations. Since 2010 they have redistributed $ 210 000 000.

    Nobody can't blame a compagny to give away things to charities !

  •  01-20-2021, 7:15 810816 in reply to 810815

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    Current association supported Children's Monteral Fundation.

    People should consider themselves more like donators than buyers.

    You can even decide who must receive the money you pay :




  •  01-20-2021, 7:24 810817 in reply to 810816

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    Attachment: HumbleBundle.jpg

    Yes, you can choose how much goes to the charity. But, near the very bottom of the page, if you don't adjust the slider, Corel will be getting some money.

    This is the default setting if you decide to "contribute" $30USD.

    The price is still a great bargain and charity will be getting a portion of the money. I buy all my games through HB when they go on sale. 

  •  01-20-2021, 10:02 810831 in reply to 810817

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    Lose money on every sale, but make it up in volume.  Give your loyal customer base the shaft.  Sounds like a good business plan.
  •  01-20-2021, 10:04 810832 in reply to 810831

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    And when the same users complain "why don't they test the new features or changes before they release a new version, you can answer your own question.  Why?  They can't afford to.
  •  01-20-2021, 20:20 810840 in reply to 810832

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    And users wonder why Corel no longer includes Dolby encoding.
  •  01-21-2021, 2:14 810844 in reply to 810840

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1


    My troll detector just rung out.

    Seems that despite all the given explanations you don't understand that it's more a matter of charity than business. Would you stop feeding this controversy ?

  •  01-21-2021, 11:36 810856 in reply to 810844

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    Sure.  Not trying to be a troll.
  •  01-21-2021, 11:42 810857 in reply to 810856

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    I can understand someone being not too happy when they've paid a lot more for the software and it's basically just given away now. While it might bring in "new blood", and introduce people who've never considered PS or know about it, there should be some consideration to those that have been here spending a lot more for the software helping to support future development and paying the "bills" for Corel.

    I'm not privy to what tax breaks Corel gets for doing this, and if it affects the "bottom line" for future PS development.  We will see.


  •  01-21-2021, 16:07 810863 in reply to 810857

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    In november of 2019 there was another Corel Humble Bundle. It included Pinnacle Studio 23U. Together with 10 other apps, such as PaintShop Pro 2020 Ultimate and Painter 2019, the bundle went for an equally low price. More than 75,000 bundles were sold. 

    I joined this forum and last summer I upgraded to PS 24U at regular market price. Everyone wins. 


  •  01-21-2021, 19:32 810867 in reply to 810863

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    Mum is the word
  •  01-22-2021, 1:08 810871 in reply to 810867

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    I hate to be the dumbbell here but of the offerings listed can one just get PS24U?  I get the charity part, a bit like a church bazaar, people donate things to sell and the money goes to charity but the details of how to actually buy is still a bit fuzzy. I suppose one has to click on the button to find out. 
  •  01-22-2021, 7:19 810882 in reply to 810871

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    Yes in this case you can just get PS24U but last year the minimum was a bigger bundle. They headline a bigger package but you choose. If you give them less than $10 (by memory) your only choice will be PS. 


  •  01-22-2021, 13:14 810932 in reply to 810871

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    Paying $1 will get you PS24U.  Paying $9 will get you PS24U and multicam.  Paying $30 or more gets you PS24U, Multicam and Corel Painter 2020 and the brush packs.  The page is a bit weird but once you scroll down a bit you will see amount options across the top of the browser screen.  Or at the bottom you can change the payment amount.
  •  02-11-2021, 18:14 811768 in reply to 810932

    Re: Humble Bundle with PS24U for $1

    I decided to take advantage of the Humble Bundle offer to upgrade my Mulitcam Capture Lite. To my surprise this is actually a stand alone product called Multicam Capture XL which like the Lite version captures different sources but in addition has a simple editor to produce a final video or it can save projects in the Pinnacle Studio multicam format (.mcam) for further editing. It does not integrate into PS nor does it replace Multicam Capture Lite which comes with PS. 
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